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Checking The Height/Tilt - Canon ae1 Installation Procedures Manual

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Checking the Height/Tilt
3) ~f the height and tilt are normal, finish the installa-
1) Check the height of the puncher unit and its host
tion procedure with reference to "Installation after
Checks/Adjustments" and later. Otherwise, make
Place a ruler on the buffer pass unit as shown and
adjustments as instructed in "Adjusting the Height1
check to see if it is as indicated on the right side of
the puncher unit (falling between the top and bot-
tom index lines). Check the height at both front and
rear by referring to the two sets of index lines; be
sure that the discrepancy in height is 1.5 rnm or less.
2) Check the tilt of the puncher unit and the host ma-
Check to see if the gap between the top cover of the
puncher unit and the delivery cover of the host ma-
chine is 3 +/-I .5 mm. Take measurements at two lo-
cations (front and rear); then, check to see that the
difference in the gap between the front and the rear
is 1.5 mm or less. Moreover, check to see that the
gap running from top to bottom between the finish-
er and the host machine is parallel when viewed
from the front.



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