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Installation; Connecting Hardwired Devices - GE Simon XTi Installation Manual

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Panel location
Locate the panel where alarm sounds can be heard and where
the panel will be easily accessible for operation. Do not install
the panel near a window or door where it can be reached
easily by an intruder.
Figure 1: XTi chassis and trim ring
To mount the panel on a wall:
Lay the panel flat on a table.
Remove trim ring (B in Figure 1 above) from panel by
lifting at notch (C in Figure 1 above).
Separate the panel chassis from the mounting plate by
lifting up on the tabs (A in Figure 1 above) and swinging
the chassis open.
Choose a panel location.
Run all necessary power, phone, siren, and hardwired
contact wires to the desired panel location.
When choosing the AC outlet location for the AC power
transformer, make sure the outlet is not controlled by a
switch or that it is not part of a ground fault circuit interrupt
Hold the mounting plate against the wall and mark the
mounting hole locations (Figure 2 below) with a pencil.
Note: Mark both mounting holes in the middle of the
mounting slot. This will allow better adjustment of the
panel before securing it to the wall.
Figure 2: Mounting holes
Secure the mounting screws (provided) to the locations on
the wall marked in step 6. Do not tighten the screws.
Leave enough clearance to mount the mounting plate.
Note: Use wall anchors if no studs are present.
Mount the mounting plate to the wall. Insert the top
mounting hole first, then the bottom hole. Adjust the fit to
make sure the mounting plate is level. Hold the mounting
plate in place and tighten the screws.
Hang the panel chassis on the mounting plate at the
plastic hinges, swing the chassis up to the mounting plate
and engage at the tabs (A in Figure 1 above).
For a UL Listed installation, secure the tabs using the
provided screws (E in Figure 1 above).
10. Reattach the trim ring.

Connecting hardwired devices

The panel has five screw terminals, two battery terminals, and
two telephone connections. The screw terminals connect the
AC power, sirens, and/or hardwired detectors.
Figure 3: Wiring terminals
Program sensors and devices before you install them. Follow
the instructions in "Sensors" on page 7 to add the sensors to
panel memory.
Simon® XTi Installation Guide

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