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Introduction; Overview; Features - Motorola DCX3520e-M User Manual

High-definition all-digital dual tuner dvr set-top
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Congratulations on receiving a Motorola DCX3520e-M Series High-Definition All-Digital
Dual Tuner Cable Set-top, one of the most advanced interactive digital cable set-tops
available today. Motorola has merged the extraordinary features of digital cable — the
seemingly endless programming options, interactive program guides, Video on Demand
(VOD), and commercial-free, CD quality music — with the flexibility of a dual tuner-digital
video recorder (DVR) and the incredible picture quality and sound of High-Definition TV
The DCX3520e-M includes an "Entertainment Package" that enables a direct digital
connection to consumer audio and video devices through an HDMI™ interface. Dolby
Digital Plus is supported by the HDMI interface and provides 7.1 channels and beyond of
enhanced-quality audio. The set-top is fully equipped with a factory-installed hard drive
for hours of DVR functionality, which includes the capability of recording two High-
Definition programs, or watching one while recording another.
This User Guide introduces you to the basic features, outlines important safeguards, and
provides several options for integrating this component into your current entertainment
system. Please take a few moments to read through this User Guide; the configuration
diagrams, on-screen menu description and troubleshooting sections will help you make
the most of your home entertainment experience.
To determine which features of digital cable are provided in your service area, please
check with your local cable operator. They will be happy to provide instructions for these
optional services.


All-Digital Dual Tuner High-Definition DVR Host (dual tuners support watch and
record mode)
Advanced A/V High-Definition decode
Integrated MoCA™ networking
HDMI, Component, Composite, Digital Audio (S/PDIF), Audio L/R, Ethernet, USB,
1080p 24/30 video decode and 1080p 24/30/60 video output support
High-Definition All-Digital Dual Tuner DVR Set-top DCX3520e-M • User Guide

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