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Deep-Frying Function; Pans To Use With The Deep-Frying Function; Temperature Settings; Programming - Siemens EH6 MK2 Series Instruction Manual

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Deep-frying function

This function is used for deep-frying, automatically regulating
the temperature of the pan.
The hotplates equipped with this function are on the right side
or front hotplates, depending on the model (see figure).
Deep-frying features
The hotplate only heats when necessary. This way energy is
saved. The oil and fat do not overheat.

Temperature settings

Power level


Select the correct temperature setting from the table. Put a pan
on the hotplate.
The range must be switched on.
Press the
symbol. The
The possible temperature settings are displayed in the
programming panel.
EURO Appliances -
Suitable for
e.g., potato pancakes, sautéed potatoes, and rare beefsteak.
e.g., thin fried foods like frozen pies, escalopes, ragu, vegetables
e.g. thick fried food such as hamburgers and sausages, fish.
e.g. omelettes, using butter, olive oil or margarine
indicator lights up on the hotplate
Never leave oil or fat cooking unattended.
Place the pan at the centre of the hotplate. Ensure that the
base of the pan is the right diameter.
Do not cover the pan with a lid. Doing so will cause the
automatic regulation not to function. A protective screen may
be used without affecting the automatic regulation
Only use oil which is suitable for frying. If using butter,
margarine, olive oil or pork lard, select the min temperature

Pans to use with the deep-frying function

Pans that optimally suited to this deep-frying function are
available. Use only this type of pan. Otherwise the temperature
regulator will not function. The pans may overheat.
These pans may be purchased later, as optional accessories,
in specialized stores or through our Technical Assistance
Service. Always indicate the corresponding reference.
HZ390210 small pan (15 cm in diameter).
HZ390220 medium pan (19 cm)
HZ390230 large pan (21 cm)
The pans are non-stick. Food may also be fried in a small
amount of oil.
Within the next 10 seconds, select the programming panel
and the desired temperature level.
The frying function has been activated.
The temperature symbol stays lit until the frying temperature
is reached. Then the signal sounds and the temperature
symbol light goes out.
Add oil or butter to the pan and then the food.
As usual, turn the food in order to prevent it from burning.
Turning off the deep-frying function
Set to 0 in the programming panel.


Table of Contents

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