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To Access The Basic Settings; Care And Cleaning; Hob; Hob Frame - Siemens EH6 MK2 Series Instruction Manual

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To access the basic settings

The hob must be turned off.
Turn on the hob with the main switch.
Within the next 10 seconds, press the
4 seconds.
is displayed on the left of the screen and

Care and cleaning

The advice and warnings contained in this section aim to guide
you in cleaning and maintaining the hob, so that it is kept in the
best possible condition


Clean the hob after each use. This prevents food remains left
on the surface from burning. Wait until the hob is cold enough
before attempting to clean it.
Only use cleaning products specifically designed for glass-
ceramic hobs. Follow the instructions provided on the
Do not use:
Abrasive products
heavy-duty cleaners, like oven sprays and stain removers
Pads that may scratch
High-pressure or steam cleaners
Glass scraper
Remove dried-on food remains using a glass scraper.

Fixing malfunctions

Malfunctions are generally caused by minor faults. Before
contacting the Technical Assistance Service, make sure you
have read the following recommendations and warnings.
The electric power supply has been
The appliance has not been correctly
connected following the connection
Electronic system malfunction.
* If the warning persists call the Technical Assistance Service.
Do not place hot pans on the control panel.
EURO Appliances -
Press the
desired function appears on the left of the screen.
Then select the required setting using the programming zone.
symbol and hold for
Press the
4 seconds.
The settings will have been correctly saved.
on the right.
To leave the basic settings, turn off the hob at the main switch.
Release the scraper safety catch
Use the blade to clean the hob surface
Do not attempt to clean the hob surface with the base of the
scraper. This could result in scratching.
The blade is extremely sharp. Risk of cuts. Protect the blade
when not in use. Replace the blade immediately when any
imperfections are found.
Care of the appliance
Apply an additive to protect and preserve the hob. Follow the
advice and warnings provided with the product.

Hob frame

In order to avoid damage to the hob frame, follow the
indications below:
Use only slightly soapy hot water
Do not use sharp or abrasive products
Do not use a glass scraper
Use other electrical appliances to check if there has been a power
Make sure that the appliance has been connected correctly.
If in the above checks, the malfunction is not resolved, contact the
Technical Assistance Service.
symbol several times until the indicator for the
symbol again and hold for more than
Risk of injury!!


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