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Safety Warnings And Advice; Safety Instructions; Elements That May Damage The Appliance - Siemens EH6 MK2 Series Instruction Manual

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ã=Safety warnings and advice
Please read these instructions carefully. We advise you not to
use the appliance until you have read them.
Keep the operation and installation instructions. If the appliance
is passed on to another user, please ensure that the
documentation is also passed on with it.
Check the appliance after removing it from the packaging. If it
has suffered any damage in transport, do not connect the
appliance, contact the Technical Assistance Service and
provide written notification of the damage caused, otherwise
you will lose your right to any type of compensation.

Safety instructions

This device has been designed exclusively for home use. Only
use the hob for food preparation. The appliance must not be
left unsupervised while in use.
Safe operation
To use this appliance safely, adults and children who, as a
result of
physical, sensory or mental disability,
or lack of experience or knowledge,
are not capable of using this appliance, should not do so
without the supervision of a responsible adult.
Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
Oil and fat too hot
Risk of fire!!
Oil or fat that is too hot quickly catches fire. Do not leave
overheated oil or fat unwatched. If the oil or fat catches fire,
never use water to put it out. Extinguish the flames with a lid or
a plate. Switch off the hotplate.
Cooking food using the bain-marie method
The bain-marie method allows you to cook food in a saucepan
submerged in a larger pan containing water. The water cooks
the food with a gentle and constant heat, rather than directly
from the heat of the hotplate. When cooking food in bain-marie,
you must prevent tins, glass containers or other material from
resting directly on the base of the pan containing the water, to
prevent the glass on the hob and the pan from breaking due to
hotplate reheating.
Hot hob
Risk of burns!!
Do not touch hot hotplates. Keep children away from the hob.
Risk of fire!!
Never place flammable objects on the hob
Do not keep flammable items or aerosols in the drawers
beneath the hob.
Wet hotplates and pan bases
Risk of injury!!
Liquid between the bottom of the pan and the hob can produce
steam pressure. Which may cause the pan to jump. Always
ensure that the hotplate and the base of the pan are kept dry.
Cracks in the hob
Risk of electric shock!!
Disconnect the appliance from the mains if the hob is broken or
Contact the Technical Assistance Service.
EURO Appliances -
The hotplate heats up, but the display does not work
Risk of burns!!
Turn off the hotplate if the indicator does not work. Contact the
Technical Assistance Service.
The hob switches off
Risk of fire!!
If the hob switches off automatically and cannot be used, it can
subsequently switch on by itself. To avoid this the hob must be
disconnected from the mains. Please contact the Technical
Assistance Service.
Do not place metal objects on the induction hotplate
Risk of burns!!
Do not leave knives, forks, spoons, lids or other metal objects
that can heat up very quickly on the hob.
Fan care
Malfunction risk!
The bottom of the hob is equipped with a fan. If there is a
drawer under the hob it should not be used to store small
objects or paper, since they could damage the fan or interfere
with the cooling if they are sucked into it.
There should be a minimum distance of 2 cm between the
drawer and the fan entrance.
Incorrect repairs
Risk of electric shock!!
Poor repairs are dangerous. Switch off the appliance if it is
faulty. Contact the Technical Assistance Service. Repairs and
the replacement of faulty connection cables may only be
performed by qualified personnel from the Technical
Assistance Service.
This appliance complies with safety and electromagnetic
compatibility standards. However, people with pacemakers
must refrain from approaching the appliance when in use. It is
impossible to ensure that all of these devices available on the
market comply with current electromagnetic compatibility
standards, and that interference which may prevent the device
from working correctly will not occur. It is also possible that
people with other types of devices, such as a hearing aids,
could experience some discomfort.
Switching off the hob
After each use, always turn off the hob at the main switch. Do
not wait until the hob turns off automatically after the pan is

Elements that may damage the appliance

Rough pan bases may scratch the hob.
Avoid leaving empty pots and pans on the hotplate. Doing so
may cause damage.
Do not place hot pans on the control panel, the indicator
area, or the hob frame. Doing so may cause damage.
Hard or pointed objects dropped on the hob may damage it.
Aluminium foil and plastic containers will melt if placed on the
hotplate while it is hot. The use of laminated sheeting is not
recommended on the hob.


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