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Bread-making Ingredients - Panasonic SD-ZB2512 Operating Instructions And Recipes

Automatic bread maker.
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Bread-making Ingredients

Main ingredient of bread, produces gluten. (helps the bread to rise,
gives it a firm texture)
Use strong flour. Do not use soft or plain flour.
Flour must be weighed on scales.
Strong flour is milled from hard wheat
and has a high content of protein which is
necessary for the development of gluten.
Carbon dioxide produced during fermentation
is trapped within the elastic network of
gluten, thus making the dough rise.
White flour
Made by grinding wheat
kernel, excluding bran and
germ. The best kind of flour
for baking bread is a flour
marked 'for bread baking'.
Do not use plain or self-raising
flour as a substitute for bread
Whole wheat
Made by grinding entire
wheat kernel, including bran
and germ. Makes very health-
giving bread.
This bread is lower in height and
heavier than bread baked with
white flour.
Rye flour
Made by grinding rye kernel. Contains more iron,
magnesium and potassium, which are necessary for human's
health, than white flour. But there isn't enough gluten.
Makes dense, heavy bread. Do not use more than stated quantity
(could overload motor).
Spelt flour
In the wheat family but is a completely different species genetically.
Although it contains gluten some gluten-intolerant people can digest it. (Consult your doctor.)
Makes loaves with a flat/slightly sunken crust.
Spelt wholegrain flour bread becomes low height and dense compare with spelt white flour bread .
We will recommend spelt white flour to be used more than the half of the entire flour.
There is Spelt (Triticum spelta) suitable for baking bread and Einkorm wheat (Triticum monococcum: also it is called small spelt) which is not
suitable for baking bread are sold as spelt. Please use spelt. (use in menu 15, 16, 30 or 31)
Dairy Products
Add flavour and nutritional value.
If you use milk instead of water, the nutritional value of
the bread will be higher, but do not use in timer setting as
it may not keep fresh overnight.
Reduce the amount of water proportionally to the
amount of milk.



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  • chia bee pow Jan 11, 2018 11:35:
    can i use cold milk ( refrigirat​or ) to replace water in the recipe ? i am fr malaysia and using panasonic bread maker SD-P 104. I am planning to buy one model: SD ZB 2512.