Sony CRX10U User Manual

Sony CRX10U User Manual

Sony cd-r/rw drive user' manual crx10u
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CD-R/RW Drive
User's Guide
2001 Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1 4-650-837-11(1) CD-R/RW Drive User’s Guide CRX10U 2001 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Safety Regulations

    CAUTION: As the laser beam in this CRX10U is harmful to the eyes, do not attempt to disassemble the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. The use of optical instruments with this product will increase eye hazard.
  • Page 3: Fcc Compliance

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. If you have any questions about this product, you may call the Sony Customer Information Service Center at (800) 588- 3847 or visit the Sony web site
  • Page 4 Replace only with the specified battery pack below. • Rechargeable Battery Pack : NP-F550 Disposal of Lithium Ion Battery: You can return your unwanted lithium ion batteries to your nearest Sony Service Center. For the Sony Service Center nearest you call...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Operating and Storage Environments ... 34 Transporting the Drive ... 34 Condensation ... 34 Lens Considerations ... 34 When using the CRX10U abroad ... 34 Handling Discs ... 35 Battery Pack Considerations ... 35 Warranty Card & After Sales Service ... 36 Warranty Card ...
  • Page 6 • Microsoft, MS, MS-DOS and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation • Macintosh and MacOS are trademarks of Apple Computer Corporation • Other system and product names used herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective manufacturers, although the™ and ®marks are not used in the text.
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Plays music CDs and MP3 files as a stand-alone player, using the supplied remote-controlled headphones. System Configuration Requirements The CRX10U can be used with a computer with the following specifications: For Windows CPU: At least 200-MHz Pentium...
  • Page 8 CAUTION The System Configuration Requirements listed above are estimates based on the requirements for writing to CD-R and CD-RW discs. When using the CRX10U, In addition to these requirements, those specified by the particular writing software must also be satisfied (and those requirements may be greater than the requirements listed here).
  • Page 9: Compatible Discs

    CD-R CD-RW CD-ROM Music CD CD Extra Video CD CD TEXT CD Graphics Photo CD CD-I Electronic Book CAUTION Use only round discs in the CRX10U. Using discs of other shapes (stars, hearts, etc.) could damage the drive. Symbol Continued...
  • Page 10: About Cd-R And Cd-Rw Discs

    About CD-R and CD-RW Discs The CRX10U can write CD-R discs and CD-RW discs when used with appropriate disc writing software. To play or read a disc written using the CRX10U on another CD-ROM drive, certain settings must be made in the writer software.
  • Page 11: Recording Methods

    CD-RW discs that have been properly written using a high-speed CD-RW drive can be read by the CRX10U. • The CRX10U cannot be used to write 99 minute discs or 8 cm CD-R discs. Recording Methods The CRX10U is capable of writing CD-R/CD-RW discs using several different formats.
  • Page 12: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and Functions of Parts 1 Top Cover 2 Battery Compartment (on rear) 3 Power Jack (on rear) Connect the supplied AC- CRX10U AC adapter here. CAUTION Never connect any AC adapter or power cord other than those provided. 4 USB Connector (on rear) Connect the supplied USB cable here.
  • Page 13: Busy Indicator

    Eject Button Press this button to open the top cover. Important The CRX10U has an electronic eject mechanism to prevent the top cover from being opened accidentally while the drive is operating, so the eject button cannot open the top cover when the drive is turned off.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Drive To A Computer

    Connect the drive to a computer as shown below. CAUTION • Be sure to read the Quick Start Guide before connecting the CRX10U to the computer the first time. • Use only the supplied AC adapter, power cord, and USB cable for connections.
  • Page 15: Using The Battery Pack

    Note When operating the CRX10U from the battery, the drive will turn itself off automatically if no key is pressed on the remote control for one hour (unless playing a music CD). Use the POWER switch to turn the CRX10U off and back on.
  • Page 16: Charging

    Charge the battery pack before using it the first time, and whenever it becomes discharged. Note • When the remote control is connected to the CRX10U, the battery’s discharge status can be displayed as follows: (Full Charge) • The power indicator also indicates the battery’s discharge status. When less than 25% charge remains, the indicator lights red, and when less than 5% remains, the indicator flashes red.
  • Page 17 See “Installing the Battery Pack” on page 15 for details. Connect the power cord to the AC adapter and to a power outlet. CAUTION Use only the supplied AC-CRX10U AC adapter and power cord. Connect the remote control. To power outlet...
  • Page 18 Set the POWER switch to CHG. The display window of the remote control and the indicators display as follows while charging: Charging Fully charged for use FULL/u 1) “CHARGE” and the approximate remaining charge time appear alternately. The remaining charge time is displayed with a minus sign. Example: -0:46 indicates the battery will be fully charged in about 46 minutes.
  • Page 19: Loading And Ejecting Discs

    Loading and Ejecting Discs Loading a Disc Press the eject button to open the top cover. The top cover opens slightly by itself. Lift it all of the way open manually. Eject button CAUTION The top cover does not open if the HOLD switch is in the HOLD position. Load a disc.
  • Page 20: Ejecting A Disc

    Remove the disc. Hold one finger against the edge of the disc from the side of the CRX10U, and press another finger against the protrusion in the center of the drive to remove the disc. CAUTION • Make sure the disc has stopped spinning before removing it. This is especially important with 8-cm discs, since they do not stop spinning immediately when the top cover is opened.
  • Page 21: Listening To Music Cds

    CAUTION • The CRX10U is not equipped with buffer memory storage or similar shock protection for playing back music CDs. Therefore, you may experience breaks in sound if you use the CRX10U to play music while subjecting it to strong vibration, such as while walking or riding on a moving vehicle.
  • Page 22 Note • See “Using the Battery Pack” on page 15 for details about installing and charging the battery pack. • To operate from AC power, connect the CRX10U to the AC adapter, and the adapter to an outlet. CAUTION • Use only the supplied AC-CRX10U AC adapter and power cord.
  • Page 23: Search & Fast Forward

    Eject the disc when desired. See “Ejecting a Disc” on page 20 for details. If you are not going to use the CRX10U for a long time, disconnect the cables. Search & Fast Forward While playing a music CD, you can pause, search, fast forward and rewind as follows.
  • Page 24: Continuous Play (Repeat)

    Continuous Play (Repeat) Three types of continuous play are available: replay the whole disc, repeat one song, or shuffle. Press the PLAYMODE button on the remote control while playing or stopped, to display the play mode. Each time you press PLAYMODE, the display changes as follows. Display None SHUF...
  • Page 25 Press the DISPLAY button on the remote control while playing. DISPLAY button Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows. • For CD TEXT discs Left Side Song No. Song No. Songs Remaining • For standard music CDs Left Side Song No.
  • Page 26: Playing Discs With Mp3 Files

    CD, allowing great savings of disc space. Playing MP3 Discs Operations for playing MP3 discs on the CRX10U are the same as for standard music CDs. See pages 21 to 25 for details as needed. However, the items displayed on the remote control are different from those displayed with standard music CDs.
  • Page 27 • Letters, numbers and symbols can be displayed. • Unsupported text information may not display correctly. Limitations when Playing MP3 Discs Limitations with playing MP3 discs on the CRX10U alone are as follows (for details about MP3 and related terminology, refer to the Internet or computer-related books).
  • Page 28 Play Order of MP3 Files The order in which MP3 files are played from an MP3 disc depends on the number of folder levels on the disc and the names of the MP3 files. The priority of folders and file depends on the characters used in their names, with symbols having the highest priority, followed by numerals (0-9) and letters (A-Z).
  • Page 29 Creating MP3 Files MP3 files are created using special ripping and encoding programs (not supplied). When creating an MP3 disc with MP3 files, use ISO9660 Level 1, Level 2 or Joliet format. MP3 Files and Copyrights Please be careful to respect copyrights when making and using MP3 files.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    If you cannot resolve the problem after checking these items, contact your dealer or our customer service department. You can also find the latest user support information for the CRX10U on web site. Refer to “Quick Start Guide” for details. Problem...
  • Page 31 The computer may have hung for some reason. Turn the drive off and back on, and then restart the computer. t If the CRX10U is connected to a USB hub (including keyboard hubs), reconnect the drive directly to a USB port on the computer.
  • Page 32 Some computers generate more noise than others, so using a different computer may allow creating noise-free music CDs. t If the writer software provided with the CRX10U is installed on a computer with packet writing-based writer software (such as CDRFS) already been installed, the writer software may not operate correctly.
  • Page 33 Device Manager window.) To enable CD audio from the computer speakers, click CD-ROM, double click CRX10U, click the Properties tab, and check the “Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device” checkbox. When this box is not checked, the music can be heard in the headphones.
  • Page 34: Operating Precautions

    • Avoid bending the interface cable sharply, especially near the connectors. Doing so can damage the cable or cause poor contact. • The CRX10U is not equipped with buffer memory storage or similar shock protection for playing back music CDs. Therefore, you may...
  • Page 35: Handling Discs

    CRX10U is the Sony NP-F550. One pack is supplied with the drive, but additional packs can be purchased separately. • The CRX10U does not support the power management feature of the NP- F550 InfoLithium battery pack. • Charge the battery pack using the CRX10U with the provided AC adapter (AC-CRX10U).
  • Page 36: Warranty Card & After Sales Service

    If the drive needs repair, return it together with all supplied accessories (cables and AC adapter) to your place of purchase or Sony Customer Support Center. • If you return the drive to your place of purchase or repair service provider...
  • Page 37: Major Specifications

    –20 to 50 °C at 20 to 90% RH (non- condensating) Power Supply, Miscellaneous Power supply External power jack: 10 V Can operate from 100 to 240 VAC using the supplied AC-CRX10U AC adapter. Power consumption Approximately 6 W Size Approximately 132 25...
  • Page 38 Interface Drive interface USB 1.1 compliant Buffer capacity 8 MB Battery Battery Pack Model NP-F550 Charging time Approx. 5 hours Operating time Playing music Approx. 2.5 hours Writing Approx. 2 hours 2) This is a general indication of the amount of time required to fully charge the battery from the completely discharged condition.
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