Sony Spressa CRX0811 User Manual

Sony Spressa CRX0811 User Manual

Cd-rewritable cd-rw recorder


Technical Support
Technical Support can be reached 8:00am to 8:00pm, Central Time,
Monday through Saturday. Please have your model number,
serial number, date of purchase and receipt handy before calling
Technical Support. Free telephone support is offered for 90 days from
your first call.
Sony Web Site
Printed USA 01/01
P/N ZP1239581
Storage by Sony
(800) 588-3847
SPRESSA™ CD-ReWritable
Sony CD-RW Recorder
User's Guide


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Sony Spressa CRX0811

  • Page 1 Monday through Saturday. Please have your model number, serial number, date of purchase and receipt handy before calling Technical Support. Free telephone support is offered for 90 days from your first call. Phone Sony Web Site Printed USA 01/01 CD-RW-UM-0101 P/N ZP1239581 Storage by Sony SPRESSA™...
  • Page 2 OTHERWISE, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS MANUAL, OR OTHER INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN OR THE USE THEREOF. Sony, Spressa, the Sony logo and the Spressa logo are trademarks of Sony. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: Declaration Of Conformity

    FCC Compliance If you have any questions about this product, USA: You may call: Sony Customer Information Service Center at (800)588-3847 or visit Sony web site: Other Countries: You may call the phone number in your country written in the warranty card.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction CD-R and CD-RW ........2 How CD-R and CD-RW Work .
  • Page 5: Chapter 1 Introduction

    CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Introduction Please read this manual before using the drive in order to take you step-by-step through the process of setting up and installing the CD-RW drive. Precautions * Do not attempt to open the drive and service it. Removing the cover may cause exposure to harmful laser beam and electrical voltage.
  • Page 6: Cd-R And Cd-Rw

    “mark,” that very closely resembles the pits of a stamped CD, to a crystalline state which resembles “land.” The laser beam of the Sony CD-RW Recorder Drive changes the crystalline state to the amorphous state by use of a laser to quickly heat the spot on the disc, forming a mark.
  • Page 7: Buffer

    The drive can also record CD-R discs at quad speed (4X) as well as record CD-RW and CD-R discs at double speed (2X), and even record CD-R discs at single speed (1X). The drive is a multi-function device. Since the drive is also capable of reading at up to 32X Max.
  • Page 8: Media Compatibility

    • • • CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide CD-R: Sony 74/80 min. CD-Recordable disc. CD-RW: Sony 74/80 min. CD-ReWritable disc. To achieve trouble free 8X recording speeds, be sure the CD-R media is certified for 8X recording. To achieve trouble free 4X CD-RW recordings, be sure the CD-RW media is certified for 4X recording.
  • Page 9: Chapter 2 Controls & Indicators

    CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Controls and Indicators This chapter shows the connectors, controls, and indicator lights of the drive. For instructions on connecting and installing the drive to the computer, please consult “Chapter 3, Installing Your CD-RW Recorder Drive” located on page 15. Using the CD-RW Drive ReWritable MultiRead...
  • Page 10: Busy Indicator Led

    6. Open/Close This is a toggle button. When pressed, the DVD-ROM drive will either open the door and tray out of the disc, or tray in the disc and close the door. Busy Indicator LED The Busy Indicator LED shows the condition of the driver. •...
  • Page 11: Headphone Jack/Volume Control

    To listen to an audio CD from the CD-ROM unit you may insert a standard headphone cable into the headphone jack. If there is a audio CD player utility installed on your PC, you can listen to audio CDs directly from the drive. The software functions like a typical CD player, letting you choose tracks to play, etc.
  • Page 12: General Use Suggestions

    General Use Suggestions The drive is intended for installation in a PC and should be used in an environment suitable for computer equipment. Dust, moisture and lack of adequate ventilation are common causes of device failure. You should install your drive in a location which is: •...
  • Page 13 4. Remove the cover of the computer There are precautions you should be aware of any time you are opening the computer: Precautions Before Opening the Computer • Some manufacturers may void your warranty for the computer. • As with any time you make significant changes to your system, please be sure your data is backed up.
  • Page 14 the computer’s manufacturer. Different computer manufacturers have the EIDE connectors in different locations. The configurations inside the machine are usually clearly marked. However, the easiest way to locate the EIDE connector is to follow the cable as it is connected to existing CD drive or hard drive. How to recognize EIDE cables.
  • Page 15 The drive comes pre-configured as an IDE Master device as shown below with the Master pin jumpered. Audio Master Pin R G G L IDE ATAPI Output Jumpered 40-pin Connector Slave pin (open) If the drive is the only drive on the EIDE port then the drive should be the master drive.
  • Page 16 12. Restart System. If there are any difficulties in completing the operations outlined in this manual, please see the troubleshooting guide in Chapter 4. You may also contact the Sony Technical Support Center. CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide...
  • Page 17: A Few Words About Cd Roms

    CD-ROM Media. Large production runs of CDs are stamped to create the pits. The Sony CD-RW Recorder Drive burns recordable CD media, or alters the state of the substance within CD-RW media to change its reflectivity by means of a finely...
  • Page 18 If you meet any trouble during installation or normal use of your CD-RW drive, please refer to the following information. Read Problems Symptom Possible Causes No CD-RW drive • IDE cable and the recognition. CD-RW drive are not connected properly. •...
  • Page 19 Symptom Possible Causes Cannot view photo • Bad photo CD disc. • Try to play another CD discs. Can read only first session of a multi- session disc. Receive error messages while reading photo CD images. Cannot read the • “Load Contents” or “Import Session”...
  • Page 20 Symptom Possible Causes Cannot eject tray. • Eject locked by software. • CD set incorrectly into tray. • “Close Session” Can read only the was not selected at first session of a multi-session disc. the previous writing. CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Solutions •...
  • Page 21 Write Problems Symptom Possible Causes • Using other Cannot write. authoring software which not supports your CD-RW drive. • Disc inserted upside down. • Short of Hard Disc capacity. • No power. • IDE cable isn’t connected properly. CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Solutions •...
  • Page 22 Symptom Possible Causes • Short of PC Writing errors occur (Buffer under-runs) memory. • “Auto thermal re-calibration” triggered. • Defective CD- R/RW media. • Short of Hard Disk capacity. CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Solutions • Due to short of main memory in PC, swapping of hard disc space may have...
  • Page 23 Symptom Possible Causes Cannot add writing • Wrote with other on CD-RW. authoring software. • Short of CD-R/RW capacity. File name error, • Long file name mismatch used in writing. Windows95/98 and Windows NT 3.51. CD-RW Recorder User’s Guide Solutions •...
  • Page 24: Appendix A Contacting Technical Support

    If you have any trouble resolving the problem, please call the Sony Technical Support Center and convey your troubleshooting steps. Please have your model number, serial number, date of purchase and sales receipt available when you call Technical Support the first time.
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Specifications CRX140E Drive HOST INTERFACE Enhanced IDE/ATAPI READ FUNCTION, Acceptable Discs CD-ROM mode-1 data discs, CD-ROM XA discs, CD Audio discs, Mixed Mode, CD Extra, CD Text, CD-I discs, CD-I Ready Discs, Photo CD (Single and Multisession), Video CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs WRITE FUNCTION, Applicable Formats CD-ROM (Mode 1), CD-ROM XA, CD-Audio, Audio-combined CD-ROM - Mixed Mode, CD-I, †Video CD, CD Text, CD Extra...
  • Page 26 Specifications CRX0811 Drive HOST INTERFACE Enhanced IDE/ATAPI READ FUNCTION, Acceptable Discs CD-DA, CD ROM Mode-1, CD- ROM/XA Mode-2 Form-1 and Form-2, CD-I Ready Video-CD (MPEG-1), Karaoke CD, Photo-CD, Enhanced CD, CD extra, I-Track CD, UDF, and CD-TEXT. CD-I Mode-2 Form-1 and Form-2...
  • Page 27 MOUNTING Horizontal or vertical POWER REQUIREMENTS ± 5% and less than 100m Vp-p ripple voltage. +12V ± 10% and less than 200m Vp-p ripple voltage CURRENT REQUIREMENTS Spinning Up (Peak) 1.0 Amp +12V 1.2 Amp Seeking (Peak) 1.0 Amp +12V 0.8 Amp Reading (Average) 0.9 Amp...
  • Page 28: Glossary

    Glossary Access times. The average Data stream. The flow of data amount of time to access an that accomplishes a task, usually item of data. related to moving data from storage to computer RAM or Analog. (as opposed to digital) between storage devices.
  • Page 29: Index

    Index Access/Power light, 7 hard drive requirements, 15 Buffer size, 4, 41, 43 headphone jack, 9, 12 Buffer underrun, 3 headphones, 9, 12 Buffer, 3 Kodak Photo CD, 5 Busy Indicator LED, 10 MTBF, 7 CD Extra, 4-5 Multi–session, 5 CD speeds, 3-4, 40-43 Photo CD, 5 CD TEXT, 4...

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