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Install The Water Inlet Hose - Haier XQB50-10 Service Manual

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Install the water inlet hose

1. Insert a new flat washer into each end of the inlet hoses. Firmly put the
washers in the coupling.
Use the new hose sets supplied with the washer.
Any other old hose sets should not be used.
You may have to use pliers to tighten the coupling.
Do not over tighten because you may cause
damage to the valve.
2. Connect the water inlet hoses to the water faucet.
3. Connect the other ends to their respective cold and hot water inlet valve
located at the rear of the washer
Jointer of the water inlet valve
4.Fasten the nut. Swing it gently to confirm if it's suitable.
Check the connection between the water inlet
hose and the water tap
1.Swaying the hose gently to confirm if it is fastened
2.After installation, open the tap to check if it leaks.
3.Do not bend the hose with overstrain.
4.Before each usage please check if the connection
between the water inlet hose and the water tap,
and the connection between the water inlet hose and
washer are firm, so as to prevent dropping from
improve Installation position.
Take down the water inlet hose
1.Close the water tap.
2. Pull off the water inlet hose from the water tap
and washer
Automatic Washing Machine
Nut of the water inlet hose
Water absorption cushion
Model: XQB50-10

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