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How To Change The Direction Of The Drain Hoses; Install The Water Inlet Hose; Select The Water Level - Haier HW80-187S User Manual

Twin-tub washing machine
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How to change the direction of the drain hoses

Figure 1 indicates the ex factory installation
position of the drain hose.
Extend the drain hose from the side of wash tub.
Put soft items on the ground. Lean the machine
down gently with the front surface facing the
ground. Take off the drain hose from the cabinet.
Take the hose out of the fixing groove.
(See to Figure 2).
Embed the drain hose into the groove along the side
of the spin tub in the order of (1)~(3), heading for the
side of the wash tub. (See to Figure 3).
Embed the drain hose into the groove with
hands. Take care not to damage the drain
hose in fastening the fixing clamp.

Install the water inlet hose; Select the water level

Insert the water inlet hose into the water-filling
entrance on the control panel directly.(pull it
out to dismantle it)
Select water level according to the
quantity of the laundries.
Set the water level adjusting lever
to needed line.
Use the new water inlet hose provided
with the machine to connect to the
water faucet.Old hose sets should
not be reused.
Soft item
Soft item
Extend to the
spin tub side
Water inlet hose
Water level
Maximum Max.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Embed into the
groove in turn



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