Troubleshooting; Temperature Control Of The Battery; Temperature Control Of The Garden Product Electronics; Area Of Cut (Battery Duration) - Bosch Rotak 36 LI Original Instructions Manual

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Temperature Control Indicator
The red LED signals that the battery or the electronics of the
garden product (with battery inserted) are not within the op-
timum temperature range. When this occurs the garden prod-
uct will not operate or not at full capacity.

Temperature Control of the Battery

The red LED flashes when you press the button or the On/Off
switch (with battery inserted): The battery is outside of the
permitted operating temperature range.
The battery switches off at a temperature above 70 °C until
the optimum temperature range is reached again.
Temperature Control of the Garden Product Elec-
The red LED lights up continuously when pressing the
On/Off switch : The temperature of the garden product elec-
tronics is below 5 °C or above 75 °C.
At a temperature above 90 °C, the electronics of the garden
product switch off until the temperature is within the allowa-
ble temperature range again.


Machine fails to operate
Motor starts and stops immedi-
Bosch Power Tools

Area of Cut (Battery Duration)

The area of cut (battery duration) depends on lawn condi-
tions, grass density, mositure content, grass length and
height of cut.
Switching the machine on and off frequently during cutting
will also reduce the area of cut (battery duration).
To improve the area of cut (battery duration) it is recommend-
ed to cut more frequently, raise the cutting height and walk at
a normal pace.
The example below shows impact of conditions against run
time, when using the machine with two batteries.
Cutting Conditions
Very light, dry grass
up to 450 m
To increase the run time an additional battery or higher capac-
ity battery (Ah) can be purchased from an authorised custom-
er service agent for Bosch garden products.
Possible Cause
Possible clogging
Battery not fully charged
Battery not inserted (properly)
Grass too long
Motor protector has activated
Battery too hot/cold
Isolator key not inserted correct-
There is a short delay in the mo-
tor starting after engaging the
On/Off switch
Battery not fully charged
Isolator key not inserted correct-
Battery not inserted (properly)
Battery too hot/cold
Light, dry grass
Area of cut
up to 225 m
Corrective Action
Remove the isolator key:
Check underneath the garden product and clear out as nec-
essary (always wear protective gloves)
Battery Charging
Inserting the battery
Increase height of cut and tilt garden product to reduce
starting load
Allow motor to cool and increase height of cut
Allow to cool/warm
Fit correctly
Hold On/Off switch for 1 – 3 s to start motor
Battery Charging
Fit correctly
Inserting the battery
Allow to cool/warm
Increase height of cut
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