Maintenance And Service; Battery Maintenance - Bosch Rotak 36 LI Original Instructions Manual

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Machine functions
Machine leaves ragged finish
Motor labours
Area of cut (battery duration)
not large enough
Cutting blade not rotating while
garden product switched on
Excessive vibrations/noise
No charging procedure possible Battery contacts contaminated Clean the battery contacts (e.g. by inserting and removing
The charge control LEDs and re-
spectively, do not light up after
inserting the mains plug into the

Maintenance and Service

Battery Maintenance

 Warning! Switch off, remove the isolator key, battery
and grassbox before adjusting or cleaning.
 Always wear gardening gloves when handling or work-
ing near the sharp blades.
Use the following procedures to enable optimum usage of the
– Protect the battery against moisture and water.
– Store the battery only within a temperature range between
–20 °C and 50 °C. As an example, do not leave the battery
in the car in summer.
– Do not leave the battery in the product in direct sunlight.
– The ideal storage condition for the battery is 5 °C.
F 016 L81 154 | (2.7.14)
Possible Cause
Internal wiring of machine dam-
Motor protector has activated
Height of cut too low
Cutting blade blunt
Possible clogging
Blade fitted upside down
Height of cut too low
Grass too high
Grass wet or damp
Grass is dense
An additional battery can be pur-
chased from an authorised cus-
tomer service agent for Bosch
garden products
Cutting blade obstructed
Blade nut/bolt loose
Blade nut/bolt loose
Cutting blade damaged
The battery is defective, due to a
disconnection in the battery (in-
dividual cells)
Mains plug of battery charger not
plugged in (properly)
Socket outlet, mains cable or
battery charger defective
– Occasionally clean the venting slots of the battery using a
A significantly reduced working period after charging indi-
cates that the battery is used and must be replaced.
After-sales Service and Application Service
Our after-sales service responds to your questions concern-
ing maintenance and repair of your product as well as spare
parts. Exploded views and information on spare parts can al-
so be found under:
Our customer service representatives can answer your ques-
tions concerning possible applications and adjustment of
products and accessories.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always
include the 10-digit article number given on the type plate of
the garden product.
Corrective Action
Contact Service Agent
Allow motor to cool and increase height of cut
Increase height of cut
Replace the blade
Check underneath the garden product and clear out as nec-
essary (always wear protective gloves)
Refit blade correctly
Increase height of cut and walk slower
Increase height of cut and walk slower
Wait until grass is dry and walk slower
Increase height of cut, walk slower and cut more frequently
Contact Service Agent
Switch off garden product
Clear obstruction (always wear protective gloves)
Tighten blade nut/bolt (17 Nm)
Tighten blade nut/bolt (17 Nm)
Replace the blade
the battery several times) or replace the battery
Replace the battery
Insert mains plug (fully) into the socket outlet
Check the mains voltage and if necessary, have the battery
charger checked by an authorized customer service station
for Bosch power tools
soft, clean and dry brush.
Bosch Power Tools

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