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Leaf Collect; Maintenance; Recommendations For Optimal Handling Of The Battery - Bosch Rotak 36 LI Original Instructions Manual

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damaged cable can lead to contact
with live parts. Beware electric
shock hazard.

Leaf Collect

The leaf collect blade has been de-
signed to allow you to pick up autumn
leaves from your lawn. In order for this
functionality to work within optimal pa-
rameters, please note the following:
– only collect leaves with the machine
set at 70 mm cutting hight
– collect leaves from your lawn only
– before collecting leaves inspect the
area where the machine is to be used
and keep people, pets, glass struc-
tures and cars away from use
Remove the isolator key:
– Whenever you leave the machine.
– Before clearing a blockage,
– Before checking, cleaning or working
on the machine,
– After striking a foreign object. Inspect
the machine for damage and make re-
pairs as necessary,
– If the machine starts to vibrate abnor-
mally (check immediately).


 Always wear gardening gloves
when handling or working near
the sharp blades.
 Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight
to be sure that the machine is in safe
working condition.
 Check the grass catcher frequently
for wear or deterioration.
 Examine the machine and replace
worn or damaged parts for safety.
F 016 L81 154 | (2.7.14)
 Ensure replacement cutting means
of the right type are used.
 Ensure replacement parts fitted are
Bosch approved.
 Before storage ensure machine is
clean and free from debries, if nec-
essary clean with a soft, dry brush.
Recommendations for Optimal Han-
dling of the Battery
 Ensure the switch is in the off po-
sition before inserting battery
pack. Inserting the battery pack into
machines that have the switch on
can cause accidents.
 Keep the battery charger away
from rain or moisture. Penetration
of water in the battery charger in-
creases the risk of an electric shock.
 Recharge only with the charger
specified by the manufacturer. A
charger that is suitable for one type
of battery pack may create a risk of
fire when used with another battery
 Do not charge other batteries. The
battery charger is suitable only for
charging Bosch lithium ion batteries
within the listed voltage range. Oth-
erwise there is danger of fire and ex-
 Keep the battery charger clean.
Contamination can lead to danger of
an electric shock.
 Before each use, check the bat-
tery charger, cable and plug. If
damage is detected, do not use
the battery charger. Never open
the battery charger yourself.
Have repairs performed only by a
qualified technician and only us-
Bosch Power Tools

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