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Bosch ROTAK 34 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions



  Summary of Contents for Bosch ROTAK 34

  • Page 1 Operating instructions ROTAK 34 ROTAK 36 ROTAK 40 ROTAK 43 English...
  • Page 2 STOP ROTAK 34/36 ROTAK 40/43 F 016 L70 635 • 09.11...
  • Page 3: Assembly

    GB ROTAK 34/36 ROTAK 40/43 F 016 L70 635 • 09.11...
  • Page 4: Starting And Stopping

    ROTAK 34/36 ROTAK 40/43 18* 16 * ROTAK 34/36 F 016 L70 635 • 09.11...
  • Page 5: Safety Notes

    The operator or user is responsible for accidents or haz- Replace worn or damaged parts for safety. ards occurring to other people or their property. Ensure replacement parts fitted are Bosch approved. Do not operate the lawnmower when barefoot or wearing Always wear gardening gloves when handling or working open sandals, always wear substantial footwear and near the sharp blade.
  • Page 6: Specifications

    – 2 Screws The blades continue to rotate for a few sec- – 2 Grassbox parts (ROTAK 34/36) onds after the machine is switched off. – 3 Grassbox parts (ROTAK 40/43) Caution - do not touch rotating blades.
  • Page 7: Adjusting The Cutting Height

    RCD every time you use it. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by Snap together both top and bottom half of the a Bosch Service Centre. grassbox. For products not sold in GB: Ensure the cables are not trapped when folding/un- folding top handles.
  • Page 8: Blade Maintenance

    (not provided) to remove the age the machine. blade bolt 16, blade washer 18 (Rotak 34/36 only), NOTE: The motor is protected by a safety cut out bevel washer 20 and blade. Fit the bevel washer, which is activated when the blade becomes jammed blade, blade washer and the blade bolt.
  • Page 9: Fault Finding

    Clean the exterior of the machine thoroughly using a Blade soft brush and cloth. Do not use water, solvents or ROTAK 34.......... F016 800 271 polishes. Remove all grass and debris, especially ROTAK 36.......... F016 800 275 from the ventilation slots 9.
  • Page 10: Declaration Of Conformity

    2000/14/EC (1.60 m height, 1 m distance away). can be found under: Typically the A-weighted noise level of the product is: sound pressure level 83 dB(A) (ROTAK 34)/ Great Britain 84 dB(A) (ROTAK 36)/85 dB(A) (ROTAK 40/43); sound power level 93 dB(A) (ROTAK 34)/94 dB(A) Robert Bosch Ltd.

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