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Getting Started - Motorola IT.6.1X User Manual

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1. Getting started

Do not place your IT.6X in the bathroom or other humid areas.
You need to place your IT.6X base within 2 metres of the mains power socket and
telephone wall socket so that the cables will reach. The socket-outlet should be installed
near the equipment and should be easily accessible.
Make sure it is at least 1 metre away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference.
Your IT.6X works by sending radio signals between the handset and base. The strength of
the signal depends on where you place the base. Putting it as high as possible ensures the
best signal.
The unit has a range of up to 300 metres outdoors when there is a clear line of sight
between the base and handset. Any obstruction between the base and handset will
reduce the range significantly. With the base indoors and the handset either indoors or
outdoors, the range will normally be up to 50 metres. Thick concrete and stone walls can
severely affect the range.
icon on your handset indicates that you are within range of the base. When out
of range of the base, the
icon disappears. If you are on a call, you will hear a warning
If you are on a call, the line will hang up if the handset moves out of range of the base.
Move back within range. The handset will automatically re-connect to the base.
Setting up
The base station must be plugged into the mains power at all times. Do not connect the
telephone line cord into the wall socket until the handset is fully charged. Use only the
power adaptor and telephone line cord supplied with the product.
Getting started



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