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Help - Motorola IT.6.1X User Manual

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10. Help

icon is not scrolling during charge
Bad battery contact – move the handset slightly.
Dirty contact – Clean the battery contact with a cloth moistened with alcohol.
Battery is full – no need to charge.
No dialling tone
No power – check the connections. Reset the phone: unplug and plug back in the
Batteries are empty – charge the batteries for at least 24 hours.
You are too far from the base – move closer to the base.
Wrong line cable – use the line cable provided.
Line adaptor (when needed) is not connected to the line cord – connect the line
adaptor (when needed) to the line cord.
Poor audio quality
The base is too close to electrical appliances, reinforced concrete walls or metal
doorframes – move the base at least one metre away from any electrical appliances.
icon is blinking or has disappeared
Handset is not registered to the base – register the handset to the base.
You are too far from the base – move closer to the base.
No ring tone
The ring tone is deactivated.
Increase the volume.
Caller ID service does not work
Check your subscription with your network operator.
A phonebook entry cannot be stored
The phonebook is full. Delete an entry to free memory.
No display
Try recharging the batteries.
Try disconnecting and connecting the base power supply.
If LED is not lit up, then try disconnecting and connecting the base power supply.
Unable to register another handset
Maximum number of 4 handsets has been reached.
The display shows Searching. You must unregister a handset in order to register a new
Noise interference on your radio or television
Your base or charger may be too close. Move it as far away as possible.



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