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Warnings And Safety Instructions - Hitachi CM 75EAP Instruction Manual

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Operator safety
○ Always wear a proper face shield or protective
glasses complying with ANSI Z87.1.
○ Gloves should always be worn when operating
this machine and also when touching the cut-off
○ When using this machine, always wear proper
protective attire such as jacket, trousers, helmet,
boots with steel toe-caps and non-slip soles, and
eye, ear, leg protection equipment whenever you
use this machine.
Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, short pants
and/or sandals, or go barefoot.
○ Never let a child or inexperienced person operate
the machine.
A fi rst-time operator should obtain practical
instruction before using the machine.
○ When you wear hearing protection, pay attention
to your surroundings. Be aware of any bystanders
who may be signaling a problem.
○ Cutting operations can expose you to respiratory
hazards such as silica and other harmful dust
particles. Please wear a protective mask when
operating this machine.
○ Keep handles free of oil and fuel.
○ Keep hands away from cutting equipment.
○ Do not grab or hold the machine by the cutting
○ Do not smoke or allow smoking near fuel or the
machine, or while using the machine.
○ When the unit is shut off , make sure the cutting
attachment has stopped before setting down the
○ When operation is prolonged, take a break
periodically so that you may avoid possible Hand-
Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which is caused
by vibration.
○ National regulation can restrict the use of
And the operator must obey the local regulations
of working area.
○ The machine produces exhaust fumes, which
include hydrocarbons and benzene. When using
this machine, suffi cient ventilation is needed,
not only if used indoors but also when working
in trenches, hollows or other confi ned locations.
Breathing exhaust fumes can be fatal.
○ Do not operate this machine when you are tired,
ill or under the infl uence of alcohol, drugs or
○ Antivibration systems do not guarantee that you
will not sustain Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome or
carpal tunnel syndrome.
Therefore, continual end regular users should
monitor closely the condition of their hands and
fi ngers. If any of the above symptoms appear,
seek medical advice immediately.
○ Long or continuous exposure to high noise levels
may cause permanent hearing impairment.
Always wear approved hearing protection when
operating a machine.
○ If you are using any medical electric/electronic
devices such as a pacemaker, consult your
physician as well as the device manufacturer
prior to operating any power equipment.
Unit / machine safety
○ Inspect the entire machine for any damage before
each use. Check for fuel leaks and make sure all
fasteners are in place and securely tightened.
○ Keep others away when making carburetor
○ Use only accessories as recommended for this
machine by the manufacturer.
○ Select and mount the correct cut-off wheel for the
type of work to be carried out.
○ All items, other than the items listed in the
operator's/ owner's manual, should be performed
by Hitachi Authorized Service Centers. (For
example, if improper tools are used to remove the
fl ywheel or if an improper tool is used to hold the
fl ywheel in order to remove the clutch, structural
damage to the fl ywheel could occur and could
subsequently cause the fl ywheel to burst.)
○ Never modify the machine in any way. Do not use
your machine for any job except that for which it is
○ Never use wheels that are rated for speeds lower
than the maximum spindle speed indicated on the
A wheel running faster than its rated speed can
break and fl y apart.
○ The arbor size of wheels and fl anges must
properly fi t the spindle of the machine.
Wheels and fl anges with arbor holes that do not
match the mounting hardware of the machine
will run off -balance, vibrate excessively and may
cause loss of control.
○ It is important to use only cut-off wheels designed
for use on hand-held cut-off machines. It is
dangerous to use a cut-off wheel that is not
intended for a hand-held cut-off machine.
Fuel safety
○ Mix and pour fuel outdoors and where there are
no sparks or fl ames.
○ Use a container approved for fuel.



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