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Maintenance - Hitachi CM 75EAP Instruction Manual

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Do not put the machine where there are fl ammable
materials such as dried grass, since the muffl er is
still hot after the engine has stopped.
Basic cutting techniques
1. Adjust the wheel guard to shield you from fl ying
2. Cut a straight shallow line (31) to the range to be cut.
(Fig. 29)
3. Cut straight along the line to the required depth.
○ Do not overreach or cut above shoulder height.
○ Operator and bystanders must not stand in the line
of rotation of the cut-off wheel. Doing so may result
in serious injury or death should the wheel burst.
○ Never apply lateral pressure (side force) to the cut-
off wheel during cutting. Doing so will damage the
cut-off wheel.
○ Do not cut in a curved line.
○ When cutting, move the machine back and
forward along the line in order to be not overheat
the cut-off wheel.
If you cut the same position in long time, the cut-
off wheel may get hot and be weakened.
○ Always cut at full speed at all times with pressing
lightly. This is the way to get best effi cient for
○ Do not cut a deep groove at one time. To make
deep groove, cut several times a shallow groove.


Carburetor adjustment
In the carburetor, fuel is mixed with air. When the
engine is test run at the factory, the carburetor is
adjusted. A further adjustment may be required,
according to climate and altitude. The carburetor has
one adjustment possibility:
T = Idle speed adjustment screw.
Fig. 29
Idle speed adjustment (T) (Fig. 30)
Check that the pre-fi lter and paper fi lter are
clean. When the idle speed is correct, the cutting
attachment will not rotate. If adjustment is required,
close (clockwise) the T-screw, with the engine
running, until the cutting attachment starts to rotate.
Open (counter-clockwise) the screw until the cutting
attachment stops. You have reached the correct idle
speed when the engine runs smoothly in all positions
well below the rpm when the cutting attachment
starts to rotate.
If the cutting attachment still rotates after idle speed
adjustment, contact Hitachi Authorized Service
When the engine is idling, the cutting attachment
must not rotate under any circumstances.
○ Please use combi box spanner for adjusting the
○ Do not touch the High speed adjustment (H) and
the Low speed adjustment (L) screws on the
carburetor. Those are only for Hitachi Authorized
Service Centers. If you rotate them, it will cause a
serious damage to the machine.
Air fi lter (Fig. 31)
If the engine power seems to have decreased, it is
likely because the air fi lter needs to be cleaned.
1. Before cleaning the air fi lter, pull the choke lever
(22) to prevent dust from entering into the engine.
2. Open cleaner box (B) (32) by loosening cleaner
knob (33) to expose the pre-fi lter (sponge form)
(34) inside the cleaner box (B) (32).
3. Clean the pre-fi lter by tapping or blowing it gently.
If the pre-fi lter is still dirty, rinse it in warm soap
If the inside of cleaner box (B) (32) that is closed off
by the pre-fi lter is dirty with dust, clean the paper-
fi lter (35) in the following manner.
4. In order to take out of paper-fi lter (35) and nylon-
fi lter (36), open the cleaner box (A) (37) by
loosening the M5 set bolt (38).
5. Clean the nylon-fi lter by tapping or blowing it
gently. If the nylon-fi lter is still dirty, rinse it in
warm soap suds.
Fig. 30



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