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Operating Procedures - Hitachi CM 75EAP Instruction Manual

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Mounting the tools to the machine (Fig. 19)
This machine is designed to store the combi box
spanner (6) and hex. wrench (4).


○ The machine is equipped with a two-stroke
engine. Always run the engine on fuel, which is
mixed with oil. Provide good ventilation, when
fueling or handling fuel.
○ Fuel is highly fl ammable and it is possible to get
seriously injured when inhaling or spilling on your
Always pay attention when handling fuel. Always
have good ventilation when handling fuel.
Fuel (Fig. 20)
○ Always use branded 89 octane unleaded
○ Use genuine two-cycle oil or use a mix between
25:1 to 50:1, please consult about the oil mixture
ratio to Hitachi Authorized Service Centers.
○ Only for the state of California at 50:1.
○ If genuine oil is not available, use an anti-oxidant
added quality oil expressly labeled for air-cooled
2-cycle engine use (JASO FC GRADE OIL or ISO
EGC GRADE). Do not use BIA or TCW (2-stroke
water-cooling type) mixed oil.
○ Never use multi-grade oil (10 W/30) or waste oil.
○ Never mix fuel and oil in machine's fuel tank.
Always mix fuel and oil in a separate clean
Fig. 19
Fig. 20
Fuel mixing method
Always start by fi lling half the amount of gasoline,
which is to be used into container.
Then add the whole amount of oil. Mix (shake) the
fuel mixture. Add the remaining amount of gasoline.
Mix (shake) the fuel-mix thoroughly before fi lling the
fuel tank.
Mixing amount of two-cycle oil and gasoline
(fl . oz)
16.9 (0.5 L)
0.6 (10 ml) ——— 1.2 (20 ml)
33.8 (1 L)
1.2 (20 ml) ——— 2.4 (40 ml)
67.6 (2 L)
2.4 (40 ml) ——— 4.9 (80 ml)
135.3 (4 L)
4.9 (80 ml) ——— 9.8 (160 ml)
Fueling (Fig. 21)
Before fueling, clean fuel tank cap (20) area carefully
to ensure that no dirt falls into the tank. Make sure
that the fuel is well mixed by shaking the container
before adding fuel.
○ Always shut off the engine and let it cool for a few
minutes before refueling.
Do not smoke or bring fl ames or sparks near the
○ Slowly open the fuel tank cap (20), when fi lling
up with fuel, so that possible overpressure
○ Tighten the fuel tank cap carefully, after fueling.
○ Always move the unit at least 10 ft (3 m) from the
fueling area before starting.
○ Always wash any spilled fuel from clothing
immediately with soap.
○ Be sure to check any fuel leaking after refueling.
○ Before fueling, in order to remove static electricity
from the main body, the fuel container and the
operator, please touch the ground that is slightly
Two-cycle oil (cu. in.)
Ratio 50:1
Ratio 25:1
Fig. 21



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