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Mitsubishi Electric PAR-WT40R-E Installation And Setting Manual

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Installation and Setting Manual
For safe and correct use, please read this manual thoroughly before operating the PAR-WT40R-E and PAR-
WR41R-E devices.
Installations- und Konfigurationsanleitung
Lesen Sie sich zur sicheren und korrekten Verwendung diese Anleitung bitte sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie die
Geräte PAR-WT40R-E und PAR-WR41R-E verwenden.
Manuel d'installation et de configuration
Pour garantir une utilisation sûre et appropriée, lisez attentivement le présent mode d'emploi avant d'utiliser
les dispositifs PAR-WT40R-E et PAR-WR41R-E.
Handleiding voor installeren en instellen
Voor een veilig en juist gebruik moet u deze handleiding goed doorlezen alvorens de PAR-WT40R-E en PAR-
WR41R-E apparaten in gebruik te nemen.
Manual de instalación y configuración
Para un uso correcto y seguro de los dispositivos PAR-WT40R-E y PAR-WR41R-E, lea este manual antes de
su utilización.
Manuale di installazione e impostazione
Per un uso corretto e sicuro, leggere attentamente il presente manuale prima di utilizzare i dispositivi PAR-
WT40R-E e PAR-WR41R-E.
Manual de Instalação e Definição
Para uma utilização segura e correcta, é favor ler cuidadosamente este manual antes de trabalhar com os
dispositivos PAR-WT40R-E e PAR-WR41R-E.
Installations- og indstillingsvejledning
Læs venligst denne vejledning grundigt inden betjening af enhederne PAR-WT40R-E og PAR-WR41R-E af
hensyn til sikker og korrekt brug.
Installations- och Inställningsmanual
För säker och korrekt användning, var god läs denna manual noggrant innan du använder PAR-WT40R-E-
och PAR-WR41R-E-enheterna.
Installasjons- og konfigurasjonsanvisning
Les denne bruksanvisningen nøye før du bruker PAR-WT40R-E og PAR-WR41R-E, for å sikre trygg og riktig
Asennus- ja asetusopas
Turvallisen ja asianmukaisen käytön varmistamiseksi lue tämä käyttöopas huolellisesti ennen PAR-WT40R-E-
ja PAR-WR41R-E-laitteiden käyttöä.



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  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric PAR-WT40R-E

  • Page 1 Handleiding voor installeren en instellen VOOR DE INSTALLATEUR Nederlands Voor een veilig en juist gebruik moet u deze handleiding goed doorlezen alvorens de PAR-WT40R-E en PAR- WR41R-E apparaten in gebruik te nemen. Manual de instalación y configuración PARA EL INSTALADOR Español...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This manual explains installation of the PAR-WR41R-E wireless receiver and the PAR-WT40R-E wireless remote controller, and settings of these devices. Before in- stalling the devices, read this manual thoroughly. After reading, be sure to hand this manual to the user.
  • Page 3 Annex IV, and/or to the directive 2006/66/EC Article 20 Information for end-users and Annex II. Your MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC product is designed and manufactured with high quality materi- als and components which can be recycled and/or reused. This symbol means that electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, at their end-of-life, should be disposed of separately from your household waste.
  • Page 4: Accessories And Installation Tool

    2. Accessories and Installation Tool The following items are included in the box. Item Nos. Wireless receiver <PAR-WR41R-E> (2 m long cable included) Bracket Flat head screw (4.1 × 6) Installation and setting manual * Installing of the devices requires a Phillips-head screwdriver (No.2 6 mm). 3.
  • Page 5: Installing The Wireless Receiver

    Test wireless communication between the wireless remote controller and the wireless receiver. (See “5.4 Communication Test” in “5. Setting the Wireless Remote Controllers” in this manual.) Position the wireless remote controller in an appropriate place. (See "4. Before Operation" in OM.) To set the wireless remote controller as a room sensor that monitors room temperature, see "5.4 Main Controller Initial Settings"...
  • Page 6 Remove the four screws to remove the electrical box cover. Electrical box cover Screws Screws (2 positions) (2 positions) Remove the two screws to pull the electrical box so that the electrical box is swung toward you from right. Electrical box Electrical box Screws (2 positions)
  • Page 7 Route the cable out the back of the electrical box, and run the cable into the box through any of the shown openings on the underside of the box. Electrical box Control board Electrical box Any of these 2 openings Connect the cable connector to the CNRF terminal on the control board.
  • Page 8 Place the electrical box back in the original position and reinstall the two screws. Check the maximum reach of the cable and install the bracket on the wall with screws. Do not excessively pull the cable when checking the maximum reach. <Notice>...
  • Page 9: Connecting To The Hydrobox Unit

    4.2 Connecting to the Hydrobox unit * Before installation, be sure to turn off the main power supply. Remove the two screws that hold the front panel, and remove the panel. Front panel Screws (2 positions) Remove the four screws to remove the electrical box cover. Electrical box cover Screws Screws...
  • Page 10 Connect the cable connector to the CNRF terminal on the control board. Switch ON SW1-8. CNRF Check the maximum reach of the cable to install the bracket with screws. Do not excessively pull the cable when measuring the maximum reach. <Notice>...
  • Page 11: Setting The Wireless Remote Controllers

    Place the wireless receiver on the fixed brack- Hook the holes on the back of the wireless re- ceiver onto the projections on the bracket, and fix the wireless receiver. <Notice> ● Do not place the wireless receiver inside the hydrobox unit. ►Both the wireless receiver and the hydrobox unit may break down, produce heat, and the wires may break.
  • Page 12: Viewing The Address Number

    Press the button to choose the mode number. Save setting by pressing the button. The display stops blinking. Pressing of the button in the middle of setting returns to the previous indication. When the battery replacement indicator appears, do not operate the setting mode. The power may turn off in the middle of setting, which may lose the setting infor- mation.
  • Page 13: Pairing

    5.2. Pairing (Mode No. : 1) The mode is intended to pair the wireless remote controller with the wireless receiver to enable wireless communication. Pairing requires opera- tion on the wireless receiver as well, so operate the wireless remote controller near the wireless receiver.
  • Page 14 When the pairing process has been success- <Pairing is successful> fully performed, the set temp.display shows " " . If unsuccessfully, " " will appear, so correctly repeat the same process. When the pairing process failed, the wireless receiver keeps the pairing mode active for 5 minutes unless cancelled.
  • Page 15: Switching The Temperature Unit

    5.3. Switching the Temperature Unit (Mode No. : 2) The unit used to display temperature can be switched between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F). Press the button to select the unit that the set temp. display uses and press the but- ton to confirm the selection.
  • Page 16: Displaying Or Hiding The Room Temperature

    5.5. Displaying or Hiding the Room Temperature (Mode No. : 4) <Displaying> Select either displaying or hiding the room tem- perature. Press the button to select displaying or hiding the room temperature, and press the button to save the setting. Displaying :The set temp.
  • Page 17: Wireless Receiver Operation

    6. Wireless Receiver Operation The wireless receiver is powered by the indoor unit. It communicates wirelessly with the wire- less remote controllers, and transmits to the indoor unit the operation status and commands received by the wireless remote controllers. The wireless receiver has two modes available: pairing mode and pairing reset mode.
  • Page 18: Turning On Power

    6.2. Turning on Power Power ON When the wireless receiver is powered by the indoor unit after installation, the indicator and the indicator blink in yellow green and in orange for 3 seconds respectively. 6.3. Wireless Receiver Functions Not paired (1) Normal mode The mode is intended to allow the paired wireless remote controllers and the connected...
  • Page 19: Q&A

    7. Q& A How many wireless remote Up to 8 controllers allowed. controllers are allowed to be paired? What are requirements for When the wireless remote controller is not paired, it can be pairing? successfully paired. • The wireless remote controller that is already paired with a wireless receiver goes through a pairing process with the other wireless receivers.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    What measures should be Heater backup is running due to a failure of the indoor unit taken if error E occurs? or the outdoor unit. Check the error code displayed on the main controller with the operation manual or the installation manual of the ATW system, and take appropriate measures accordingly.
  • Page 21 Please be sure to put the contact address/telephone number on this manual before handing it to the customer. HEAD OFFICE: TOKYO BLDG., 2-7-3, MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN Authorized representative in EU: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. HARMAN HOUSE, 1 GEORGE STREET, UXBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX UB8 1QQ, U.K. BH79R517K02...

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