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Miele PW 5065 Operating Manual Page 4

Miele washer operating manual pw 5065.
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Only use the washing machine to
wash items which are specified by
the manufacturer to be machine
washable on the fabric care label. Any
other applications may cause
undesirable results. The manufacturer
cannot be held responsible for damage
caused by improper use of the
This appliance is not designed for
maritime use or for use in mobile
installations such as recreational
vehicles or aircraft. However, under
certain conditions it may be possible for
installation in these applications. Please
contact the Miele Technical Service
Department with specific requirements.
Do not install this machine in rooms
where temperatures below freezing
may occur. Frozen hoses may burst
under pressure. The reliability of the
electronic control unit may be impaired
at temperatures below freezing.
Do not wash articles that have
been previously cleaned, washed
soaked or spotted with gasoline,
organic substances dry-cleaning
solvents, or any other flammable
substances. These articles give off
vapors that could ignite or explode. Do
not add these items to the washload.
Before using the machine for the
first time, check that the shipping
struts at the rear of the machine have
been removed (see "Installation"). If the
shipping struts are still in place during
spinning, damage may result to both
the machine and adjacent furniture or
Turn off the water supply if the
machine is to be left for any length
of time (e.g. vacation).
Overflow hazard!
Check that the drain can
accommodate the water flow before
operating the washer.
Make certain the drain hose is secured
in the drain, otherwise the force of the
expelled water could cause the drain
hose to come out of the drain.
Be sure that foreign objects (e.g.
nails, pins, coins, paper clips) do
not find their way into the machine.
These items may damage the
machine, which may also cause
damage to the laundry.


Table of Contents

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  • Nick Taylor Jul 27, 2013 08:57:
    I have a PW 5065 that is showing the message "Powe​r Failure. Program stopped&qu​ot; on the LED screen. If you "OK&q​uot; it a new message comes up "cann​ot change the program&qu​ot; and I can't get rid of this issue, and it seems the manual doesn't cover this problem?