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Miele PW 5062 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Operating and installation instructions
for washer-extractor
PW 5062
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the machine it is
essential to read these instructions
before it is installed and used for the
first time.
M.-Nr. 09 289 450



  Summary of Contents for Miele PW 5062

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions for washer-extractor PW 5062 en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. M.-Nr. 09 289 450...
  • Page 2: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Energy saving tips material Energy and water consumption The transport and protective packing – Water consumption and energy has been selected from materials which usage are determined by the size of are environmentally friendly for disposal the load.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caring for the environment ......... . 2 Warning and Safety instructions .
  • Page 4 Contents General problems ..........34 An unsatisfactory wash result .
  • Page 5 Contents Settings/Supervisor level menu ........57 Suds cooling .
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Warning and Safety instructions This machine must be used as This machine conforms to current described in these operating safety requirements. Inappropriate instructions and must be checked on a use can, however, lead to personal regular basis to make sure it is injury and damage to property.
  • Page 7 Faulty components must only be should be inspected by a qualified replaced by genuine Miele original electrician. The manufacturer cannot be spare parts. Only when these parts are held liable for the consequences of an fitted can the safety standards of the inadequate earthing system (e.g.
  • Page 8: Correct Use

    During spinning, a special descaling agent is available to transit bar which is still in place may order from your Miele Dealer or the result in damage to both the machine Miele Spare Parts Department. and adjacent furniture or appliances.
  • Page 9 Fire Accessory parts may only be fitted and explosion risk! when expressly approved by Miele. If other parts are used, guarantee, Only use dyes specified by the performance and product liability manufacturer as being suitable for use claims will be invalidated.
  • Page 10: Operating The Washer-Extractor

    Operating the washer-extractor Control panel a Start button e Pre-wash button with indicator light Starts the selected programme. f Programme selector b Display with –, OK and + buttons For selecting a programme. The See the following pages for more programme selector can be turned information.
  • Page 11: Display

    Operating the washer-extractor Display – / + buttons For altering the values highlighted in the display: – decreases the value or moves the highlighting upwards + increases the value or moves the highlighting downwards. OK button For confirming the value selected and choosing the next value.
  • Page 12 How to wash correctly Brief instructions Do not use solvent-based The headings numbered A, B, C, . . . cleaning agents in this machine. show the operating sequence and can be used as brief instructions. ^ Sort the laundry by colour and by A Sort the laundry care label.
  • Page 13: How To Wash Correctly

    How to wash correctly B Load the drum ^ Shut the door with a gentle swing. ^ Switch the machine on with the K button. ^ Press the Door button and open the drum door. ^ Unfold the laundry and load loosely into the drum.
  • Page 14 How to wash correctly C Select a programme Pre-wash ^ Select the Pre-wash additional option for laundry with large amounts of dirt, e.g. dust, sand. Pre-wash is not available for using with every programme. Delay start ^ Select Delay start, if required (see "Delay start").
  • Page 15 How to wash correctly D Add detergent Take the level of soiling and water hardness into account. It is important to dispense the correct amount, because too little detergent results in: – Laundry not getting properly clean and with time it may become grey and hard to the touch.
  • Page 16 How to wash correctly ^ Press the Door button to open the Payment system drum door. If your machine is connected to a ^ Unload the drum. payment system, the amount of credit required will appear in the display. Check that all items have been Credit will be lost if, after the removed from the drum.
  • Page 17: Garment Care Label Symbols

    How to wash correctly Garment care label symbols Ironing Washing The number of dots indicates the ironing temperature The figure quoted in the bucket is the approx. 200°C maximum temperature the garment can be washed at. The number of approx. 150°C bars under the symbol indicates the approx.
  • Page 18: Spinning

    Spinning Maximum final spin speed To omit the final spin (Rinse hold) ^ Select the Rinse hold setting. The Programme laundry will not be spun and will Cottons 1400 remain suspended in the final rinse Minimum iron 1000 water. This reduces creasing if the Intensive wash 1400 laundry is not going to be removed...
  • Page 19: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Cottons 30°C to 95°C Max. load 6.5 kg Use for Cotton and linen fabric, e.g. bed linen, table linen, towelling, jeans, underwear, T-shirts, nappies. Notes – Only use Cottons 95°C for very heavily soiled laundry. – For dark coloured fabric use a detergent for coloured fabric, or liquid detergent.
  • Page 20 Programme chart Delicates Cold to 40°C Max. load 2.5 kg Use for Delicate garments made of synthetic fibre, mixed fibre and easy care cotton shirts and blouses. Curtains, including net curtains, specified as machine-washable by the manufacturer. Notes – Use the Woollens programme for any textiles which contain wool.
  • Page 21: Programme Sequence

    Programme sequence Main wash Rinses Spinning Water Wash Water Rinses Interim Final level rhythm level spin spin Cottons Minimum iron Intensive wash Delicates – Woollens Quick wash Separate rinse – – – Symbols: d = Low water level = Normal wash rhythm ( = Medium water level = Gentle action e = High water level...
  • Page 22: Changing The Programme Sequence

    Changing the programme sequence Making changes to a If your machine is fitted with a programme payment system, the programme will lock after 3 minutes and it is then no Programme longer possible to cancel or alter it. After the start of a programme it is not possible to select a different Cancelling a programme programme.
  • Page 23: Adding Or Removing Laundry After A Programme Has Started

    Changing the programme sequence Adding or removing laundry The door cannot be opened, if: after a programme has started – the suds temperature is above 55°C. In some programmes you can add or – the water is above a certain level. remove laundry after the programme –...
  • Page 24: Detergent

    Detergent All modern detergents produced for The right amount to dispense will automatic washing machines are depend on the following: suitable, including liquid, compact – The soiling level of the laundry (concentrated), tablets and special application detergents. Use dispensing Lightly soiled No visible dirt or stains. aids, e.g.
  • Page 25: Water Softeners

    Detergent Water softeners A water softener can be used to cut down on the use of detergents in hard water areas. Dispense according to the amount specified on the packaging. First add detergent and then the water softener. Use a quantity of detergent as for soft water.
  • Page 26: Fabric Conditioners And Liquid Starch

    The machine is fitted with an adapter for an external dispensing system. This requires a conversion kit which has to be fitted by a Miele approved service technician. ^ Add the fabric conditioner or liquid starch to compartment §. Do not exceed the maximum level mark.