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Frying; Turning On The Fryer; Check The Oil Level; Correct Procedure - Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele fryer user manual
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Turning on the Fryer

The control knob should be rotated
clockwise to turn on the Fryer, and
counter clockwise to turn it off. Do
not force the knob or it may break.
Turn the control knob to the desired
The white indicator lamp =
illuminates to show that the Fryer is in
The yellow indicator lamp =
illuminates when the Fryer heating ele-
ments are on.
The yellow indicator lamp goes out
. . . when the selected temperature has
been reached.
When the temperature drops below that
which was selected, the elements and
indicator lamp will turn again.
This process is repeated until the Fryer
is turned off.

Check the oil level

Check the oil level before adding food.
The correct oil level is between the two
marks, located on the back of the reser-

Correct procedure

Before frying, wipe any moisture off
of the food.
The higher the water content of the
food, the greater the danger of the
oil foaming over.
Set the desired temperature (see
chart on page 10).
When the yellow lamp goes out,
lower the basket containing the food
into the oil.
If the the oil foams excessively, briefly
remove the food from the Fryer.
Never salt food over hot oil.



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