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Miele KM 403 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele operating instructions fryer km 403
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Operating Instructions

KM 403
To prevent accidents and
reduce machine damage,
read these lnstructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 05 825 170



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  Summary of Contents for Miele KM 403

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Fryer KM 403 To prevent accidents and reduce machine damage, read these lnstructions installation or use. M.-Nr. 05 825 170...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ..........8 Cleaning before the first use .
  • Page 4 However, under certain circumstances it may be possible for an installation in these applications. Please contact the nearest Miele Dealer or the Technical Service Department with specific requirements.
  • Page 5 Do not leave the fryer unattended while in use. Overheated oil can ignite. Do not allow an open flame in the vicinity of the fryer. Do not let cooking grease or other flammable materials accumulate on the appliance. Make certain there are no open flames present when adding oil to the fryer.
  • Page 6 Do not drop anything on the ceramic surface. Even a light object could cause damage. Any breaks or cracks in the ceramic surface of the appliance are defects and must be treated as such. Do not use the appliance until it has been repaired.
  • Page 7 Make certain that the power cords of small appliances do not come in contact with the fryer. Always make sure food is cooked thoroughly before eating. Cook pork thoroughly to ensure that it is safe to eat. Do not store or transport hot oil in plastic containers.
  • Page 8 a Lid b Frying basket c Handle (removable) d Basket clip e Basket support f Heating element (can be raised) g Temperature indicator light h Operating indicator light i Drain valve j Control knob k Reservoir for oil l Power cord...
  • Page 9 Clean the fryer to remove any foreign materials or dust. ^ Make sure the drain valve is closed. ^ Fill the reservoir with approximately 1 gallon (4 l) of water and add a small amount of dish soap. Make sure the water level is no higher than the maximum level marked on the rear of the reservoir.
  • Page 10: Before Frying

    Turn the control knob clockwise, a, to turn the fryer on and counterclockwise, b, to "0" to turn the fryer off. You cannot turn the control knob to "0" by turning the knob clockwise past 400 °F (200 °C). The temperature indicator light, g, and...
  • Page 11: Frying

    ^ Set the desired frying temperature (see table on next page). Once the temperature indicator light goes out the oil has reached temperature. ^ Place the frying basket containing the food into the hot oil. If the oil froths a lot, briefly remove the basket from the reservoir and slowly reimmerse.
  • Page 12 Steak fries French fries Chicken fingers Unbreaded, turkey cutlets Veal cutlets Cheese sticks Mushrooms Doughnuts Jelly doughnuts Apple fritters Banana fritters Raw vegetables, in batter Steak fries French fries Fish sticks Unbreaded, fish fillets Calamari Please note: Times given are only a guide. Actual cooking times will vary depending on the size and quantity of the food being cooked.
  • Page 13 (which means the set temperature has been reached), before placing food into the fryer. – Do not fry too much food at once. This will lower the temperature of the oil long enough to cause the food to absorb oil.
  • Page 14 Turn off the fryer and let the oil cool. Filter the oil to remove impurities that can ignite. This will also extend the life of the oil. ^ Make sure that the under side of the fryer is accessible so the oil can be drained.
  • Page 15: Safety Cut-Out Feature

    – the reservoir is not filled to the proper level. – the fryer is turned on when empty. – the fryer is turned on while the heating element is raised. The safety cut-out feature has activated when the temperature and operating indicator light do not illuminate.
  • Page 16: Frying Basket

    Dry your fryer thoroughly after cleaning it to prevent water stains. Do not clean the frying basket in a dishwasher!
  • Page 17: After Frying

    ^ Make sure the fryer is off and the oil is cool before draining the reservoir for cleaning (see "After Frying"). ^ Raise the heating element. ^ Remove large particles and sediment with paper towels. ^ Fill the reservoir with a solution of warm water and dish soap.
  • Page 18: Stainless Steel Frame

    Clean the stainless steel frame with hot water and liquid dish soap applied with a soft sponge. Wipe dry using a soft cloth. The stainless steel frame can be cleaned using a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner. To help prevent resoiling, a conditioner for stainless steel can also be used.
  • Page 19 Unauthorized repairs could cause an injury or machine damage. The fryer is not on. Turn the control knob clockwise to a selected temperature. The safety cut-out...
  • Page 20 In the event of a fault which you cannot correct, contact the Miele Technical Service Department U 1-800-999-1360 l 1-800-565-6435 When contacting the Technical Service Department, please quote the model and serial number of your appliance. These are shown on the data plate.
  • Page 24 Alteration rights reserved / 1904 M.-Nr. 05 825 170 / 01 This paper has been bleached without chlorine.