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After Frying; Draining The Oil - Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele fryer user manual
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After frying

When the food is ready:
remove the basket and shake it
lightly to remove excess oil.
In order to drain the food, the frying
basket can be suspended from the
bracket support of the heating ele-
ment hinge.
Turn the control knob back to "0".
The indicator lamp will go out.
Replace the lid after the oil or fat
has cooled.
The frying basket has a handle which
can be folded away when not in use:
Press the sides of the handle
together and fold it into the basket.
The handle can be removed when
cleaning the frying basket.

Draining the oil

Frying oil can normally be used 6-10
times. Between each use, the oil
should be poured through a strainer
lined with a paper towel.
Oil containing impurities may ignite.
There is a drain valve at the base of the
reservoir for draining the oil.
Before draining solid fat, turn the se-
lector to the highest temperature to
liquify the fat. Do not allow the fat to
get too hot.
Be careful not to burn yourself with
the hot oil or fat. Let hot oil cool be-
fore draining.
Place a heat resistant container
under the drain valve.
Open the valve by turning the lever
90° to the right.
To close the valve, turn the lever as
far as possible to the left.



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