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Warning And Safety Instructions - Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele fryer user manual
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Warning and Safety Instructions

Warning and Safety Instructions
When using your Deep Fryer, follow
basic safety precautions including
the following:
Read all instructions before using
for the first time.
Use the appliance only for its in-
tended purpose.
Be sure your appliance is properly
installed and grounded by a quali-
fied technician or electrician.
Before servicing, disconnect the
power supply by removing the fuse
or tripping the circuit breaker.
The electrical safety of this ap-
pliance can only be guaranteed
when continuity is complete between
the appliance and an effective ground-
ing system.
It is imperative that this basic safety re-
quirement is met. If there is any doubt,
have the electrical system of the house
checked by a qualified electrician. The
manufacturer cannot be held respon-
sible for damage caused by the lack or
inadequacy of an effective grounding
Do not connect the appliance to
the main electric supply using an
extension cord. Extension cords do not
guarantee the required safety of the ap-
Never use the Fryer to warm or
heat the room.
When using an electrical outlet
near the Fryer, make sure that the
cable does not come into contact with
the heating element of the Fryer.
Do not allow children to operate or
play with or near the Fryer.
Use extreme caution when lifting
the basket or disposing of hot
Keep all toys stored away from the
Fryer to prevent injury to curious or
playful children.
Please remember that, in use, the
Fryer becomes hot; therefore, en-
sure that children do not touch it.
Do not store items on the Fryer
when not in use.
Do not let cooking grease or other
flammable materials accumulate
on the appliance. Make certain there is
no open flame present when adding oil
to the Fryer.
Allow sufficient time for the ap-
pliance to cool before touching or
exposing surface areas to flammable
Always cook pork thoroughly to en-
sure that, in the event of trichina,
all bacteria will be killed and the meat
is safe to eat.
Never leave the appliance unat-
tended when cooking with oil or
fat. Very hot oil can cause a fire.
Wear proper apparel – Loose-fitting
or hanging garments should never
be worn while using the appliance.



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