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Miele CS 1411 Operating And Installation Manual

Deep fat fryer


Operating and installation instructions
Deep fat fryer
CS 1411
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the appliance it is
essential to read these
instructions before it is installed
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 07 180 430


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Summary of Contents for Miele CS 1411

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Deep fat fryer CS 1411 en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Guide to the appliance ..........4 Accessories supplied .
  • Page 3 Contents General installation tips ......... . . 39 Electrical connection .
  • Page 4: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance a Frying basket Display b Handle (fold-away, removable) c Hanging facility d Basket hanging support j In-operation indicator e Heating element (can be raised up) k Temperature indicator light f Drain tap l Residual heat indicator g Display h Control i Oil reservoir, capacity...
  • Page 5: Accessories Supplied

    Guide to the appliance Accessories supplied Frying basket Protects the oil reservoir after use.
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Warning and Safety instructions This appliance complies with all current local and national safety requirements. Improper use can, however, present a risk of both personal injury and material damage. To avoid the risk of accidents and damage to the appliance, please read these instructions carefully before installation and before using it for the first time.
  • Page 7 The fryer is intended for domestic use only to cook food and keep it warm. Any other use is not supported by the manufacturer and could be dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper use or operation.
  • Page 8 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children The fryer is not a toy! To prevent the risk of injury, do not let children play with the appliance or its controls. Children under 8 years of age must be kept away from the fryer unless they are constantly supervised.
  • Page 9 Miele cannot be held liable for the consequences of an inadequate earthing system (e.g. electric shock). Before connecting the fryer to the mains electricity...
  • Page 10 Repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable for unauthorised work. During installation, maintenance and repair work, the fryer must be disconnected from the mains electricity supply.
  • Page 11 Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect installation or connection.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use The fryer gets hot when in use and remains hot for quite a while after being switched off. There is a danger of burning until the residual heat indicator goes out. Never leave the fryer unattended when using it. Overheated oil can ignite and cause a fire.
  • Page 13 Warning and Safety instructions Where several appliances are installed side by side Do not place hot pots or pans on the cover strip as this can damage the seal. Do not cover the fyrer, e. g. with a cloth, kitchen foil, etc.
  • Page 14 Only close the door when the appliance is switched off and the residual heat indicators have gone out. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions.
  • Page 15: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of your old appliance material Electrical and electronic appliances often contain materials which, if The transport and protective packing handled or disposed of incorrectly has been selected from materials which could be potentially hazardous to are environmentally friendly for human health and to the environment.
  • Page 16: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Please stick the extra data plate for the The metal components have a appliance supplied with this protective coating which may give off documentation in the space provided in a slight smell when heated up for the the "After sales service, data plate, first time.
  • Page 17: Using The Fryer

    Using the fryer Fryer lid Switching on and off To remove the lid to the deep fat fryer, Do not switch on the fryer when it is press on the left or right side of the lid empty or when the heating element with your finger a.
  • Page 18: Before Frying

    Using the fryer Before frying Frying ^ Set the frying temperature required Only operate the fryer without the lid. (see chart) and wait until the temperature indicator light goes out Only use oil / fat which is suitable for for the first time. The oil has now frying in and which can be heated to reached the set temperature.
  • Page 19 Using the fryer Food (fresh) Quantity Temperature Frying time in °C in minutes Jam doughnuts 4 pieces Camembert 4 x 1/2 pieces Raw battered 400 g vegetables Chicken quarters, 2 x 250 g pieces 8-10 breaded Croquette potatoes 400 g pre-fry 2-4 fry 3-5 Apple turnovers...
  • Page 20: Frying Tips

    Using the fryer Frying tips – Use the correct ratio of food to fat. This should be between 1:10 and Handling and preparing food 1:15. For example, you need correctly is essential for maintaining between 1 and 1.5 litres of oil for good health.
  • Page 21: After Frying

    Using the fryer ^ After the oil has drained, close the After frying tap by turning it clockwise b as far Switch the fryer off and filter the oil. This as it will go. not only removes impurities which can ^ Filter the oil by pouring it through affect the taste of the food, but will help the oil last longer.
  • Page 22: Safety Cut-Out

    Safety cut-out ^ Turn the control to "0" and wait until Your fryer is fitted with a safety cut-out which automatically switches it off if: the heating element has cooled down. – the oil reservoir is not filled to at least ^ Use a pen or similar to press in pin a the lower level marker.
  • Page 23: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Miele offer a range of branded cleaning To avoid damaging the stainless and conditioning products. See steel surfaces of your appliance, do "Optional accessories". not use: – cleaning agents containing soda, Do not use a steam cleaning alkalines, ammonia, acids or appliance to clean this appliance.
  • Page 24 External stainless steel surfaces and fryer lid External stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned using a Miele E-Cloth or with a non-abrasive cleaning agent designed specifically for use on stainless steel (see "Optional accessories").
  • Page 25: Problem Solving Guide

    ... after switching on, the appliance does not heat up. Check whether – the safety cut-out has been activated (see "Safety cut-out"). – the mains fuse has tripped. If it has, contact a qualified electrician or the Miele Service Department.
  • Page 26: Optional Accessories

    Optional accessories Miele offer a comprehensive range of useful accessories as well as cleaning and conditioning products for your Miele appliances. These can be ordered online at: or from Miele (see back cover for contact details) Pasta basket with lid...
  • Page 27 Optional accessories Stainless steel conditioning agent 250 ml Removes water marks, flecks and fingerprints. Helps prevent re-soiling. E-Cloth (microfibre cloth) Removes fingerprints and light soiling. Miele descaling tablets 6 tablets For descaling the oil reservoir.
  • Page 28: Safety Instructions For Installation

    Safety instructions for installation Do not use any sealant except To avoid the risk of damaging the where expressly instructed to do so. appliance fit the wall units and The seal underneath the appliance extractor hood before installing it. provides a sufficient seal for the worktop (See "General installation tips").
  • Page 29 Safety instructions for installation Safety distance above the appliance When two or more appliances are installed together below a cooker hood, e.g. a gas wok and a ceramic hob, which have different safety distances given in the installation instructions, you should select the greater distance of the two.
  • Page 30 CS 1234 / CS 1234-1 50 mm CS 1112 Not recommended CS 1122 CS 1134 CS 1326 CS 1327 CS 1411 100 mm for CS 1012 / CS 1012-1 150 mm for CS 1421 CS 1312 CS 1322 200 mm for...
  • Page 31 Safety instructions for installation Safety distance when installing the appliance near a wall with additional niche cladding A minimum safety distance must be maintained between the worktop cut-out and any niche cladding to protect it from heat damage. If the niche cladding is made from a combustible material (e. g. wood) a minimum safety distance e of 50 mm must be maintained between the cut-out and the cladding.
  • Page 32: Appliance And Building-In Dimensions

    Appliance and building-in dimensions a Spring clamps b Front c Casing depth d Casing depth including mains connection box with mains connection cable, L = 1440 mm e Drain tap...
  • Page 33: Preparing The Worktop

    Preparing the worktop ^ Make the worktop cut-out for one or more appliances in accordance with the building-in diagram. Remember to maintain a minimum safety distance from the back wall, as well as from any tall unit or side wall to the right or left of the appliance(s).
  • Page 34: Installation Of Several Appliances

    Installation of several appliances When installing two or more appliances next to each other a spacer bar b must be used between each one. See "Fixing the spring clamps and spacer bars". Worktop cut-out Worktop cut-out - two appliances - three appliances To calculate the cut-out width (D) required: Add up the widths of each appliance (e.g.
  • Page 35 Installation of several appliances a Spring clamps b Spacer bars c Gaps between spacer bars and worktop d Cover strips The illustration shows a worktop cut-out with spring clamps a and spacer bars b for 3 appliances. An additional spacer bar is required for each additional appliance. The position for securing each additional spacer bar will depend on the width of appliance B (288 mm / 380 mm / 576 mm).
  • Page 36: Fixing The Spring Clamps And Spacer Bars

    Fixing the spring clamps and spacer bars Wooden worktops ^ Position the spring clamps supplied a and spacer bars b on the top edge of the cut-out in the positions marked. ^ Secure the spring clamps and spacer bars with the 3.5 x 25 mm screws supplied.
  • Page 37 Fixing the spring clamps and spacer bars Granite and marble worktops The screws are not required for granite or marble worktops. ^ Apply silcone to the side edges and the lower edges of spring clamps a and spacer bars b. ^ Then fill gap e between the spacer ^ Position and secure the spring bars and the worktop with silicone.
  • Page 38: Installing The Appliance(S)

    Installing the appliance(s) ^ Feed the connection cable down ^ Starting at the front, position the next through the cut-out. appliance in the worktop cut-out. ^ Starting at the front, position the ^ Connect the appliance(s) to the appliance in the worktop cut-out. mains (see "Electrical connection").
  • Page 39: General Installation Tips

    General installation tips Seal between the appliance and the Tiled worktop worktop The sealing strip under the edge of the Grout lines a and the hatched area top part of the appliance provides a underneath the surface of the sufficient seal for the worktop. appliance must be smooth and even.
  • Page 40: Electrical Connection

    H 05 V V-F be provided for all poles. (pvc insulated), available from Miele. For extra safety it is advisable to protect the appliance with a suitable residual Installation, repairs and other work current device (RCD).
  • Page 41 Electrical connection Important The electrical safety of this appliance can only be guaranteed when continuity is complete between the appliance and an effective earthing system, which complies with local and national regulations. It is most important that this basic safety requirement is present and tested regularly and if there is any doubt the electrical wiring in the home should be inspected by a...
  • Page 42: After Sales Service, Data Plate, Guarantee

    Please note that telephone calls may be monitored and recorded to improve our service. When contacting Miele, please quote the model and serial number of your appliance which are given on the data plate. N.B. A call-out charge will be applied for service visits where the problem could have been resolved as described in these instructions.
  • Page 44 Alteration rights reserved/ 4111 M.-Nr. 07 180 430 / 06...

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