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Cleaning And Care - Miele KM 89-2 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele fryer user manual
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Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care
The lid / oil reservoir /
frying basket
These can all be cleaned using hot
water with a mild dishwashing liquid.
The lid and basket can be cleaned in a
Do not use abrasive cleaning
agents, scouring powder, scrapers,
hard brushes or anything abrasive
to clean the Fryer.
See the "Operation" section for how
to drain the oil before cleaning the oil
To clean the oil reservoir, the heating
element can be swung up and sus-
pended from the bracket on the ele-
ment hinge.
To clean, use a quality stainless steel
Control panel / Control knobs
Do not use any scouring agents or
pads on the knobs or control panel.
Clean the control knob and the control
panel with hot water and dishwashing
After cleaning, dry with a soft cloth.



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