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Miele KM 402 Operating Instructions Manual

Deep fat fryer


Operating instructions

Deep fat fryer
KM 402
It is
to read these
operating instructions before
installing or using the machine,
to avoid the risk of accident
or damage to the machine.
M.-Nr. 04 930 491



Summary of Contents for Miele KM 402

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Deep fat fryer KM 402 GiZH It is to read these operating instructions before installing or using the machine, to avoid the risk of accident or damage to the machine. M.-Nr. 04 930 491...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ......... 3 .
  • Page 3 a Lid i Drain tap b Frying basket with: j Control knob c Handle (fold-away, removable) k Frying basket d Hanging facility (capacity: min. 3.0 litres, max. 4.0 e Basket hanging support litres) f Heating element (can be raised up; l Mains connection cable rating - 2700 kW) m Plug...
  • Page 4 or without a plug. The plug shown is for illustration only.
  • Page 5: Material

    This appliance complies with all rele- If the appliance is supplied without vant legal safety requirements. Im- a plug, or if the plug is removed, proper use of the appliance can, the appliance must be installed and however, present a risk of both per- connected by a suitably qualified and sonal injury and material damage.
  • Page 6 Do not use the appliance to heat up the room and never switch it on For safety reasons the appliance when the heating element is in the must only be operated after it has raised-up position. The high tempera- been built in. This is necessary to en- ture could cause inflammable objects sure that all electrical components are nearby to catch fire.
  • Page 7 In countries where there are areas which may be subject to infestation by cockroaches or other vermin, pay Do not drop anything on the ce- particular attention to keeping the appli- ramic surface. Even a light object ance and its surroundings in a clean such as a salt cellar, could cause dam- condition at all times.
  • Page 8 You may prefer to use heat-resis- tant pot holders or gloves when us- Never leave the appliance unat- ing the appliance. tended when it is switched on and Take care not to let pot holders or when frying is taking place. Overheated gloves get damp or wet, as this causes oil can catch fire and could even set heat to transfer through the material...
  • Page 9 Any repairs may only be carried out by suitably qualified and com- It is important that the appliance is petent persons to ensure safety. Re- not used if there are any signs of pairs and other work by unqualified damage, breakages, cracks or dents persons could be dangerous.
  • Page 10 To protect the environment used frying oils and fats should be dis- When using an electric socket near posed of with the household waste after the appliance, care should be they have cooled down. Do not dispose taken that the cable of the electrical ap- of used oils and fats down the sink.
  • Page 11 Old appliances contain materials which can be reclaimed or recycled. Please The transport and protective packing contact your dealer, your local waste has been selected from materials which collection centre or scrap merchant are environmentally friendly for disposal about potential recycling schemes. and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 12 A data plate for your appliance is sup- plied with this documentation. It should be stuck into the space provided at the end of the instruction book. The ad- dress of the nearest Service Depart- ment is given on the back page.
  • Page 13 Metal components have a protective coating which may give off a slight smell when the appliance is heated up Before using the fryer for the first time, for the first time. The smell and any va- clean it as follows: pours will dissipate after a short time ^ Fill the oil reservoir with approx.
  • Page 14: Before Frying

    To switch the fryer , turn the control Before frying make sure that the oil res- direction a. To switch in a ervoir has been filled with enough frying , turn the control in an oil (min. 3 litres / 3 kg, max. 4 litres / 4 direction b to "0".
  • Page 15: Blanching

    Do not leave the food suspended over the reservoir for too long as the steam from the oil can cause the food to lose its crispness. Finally, place the food on ^ Set the frying temperature required some paper towel to blot up any excess (see chart) and wait until the temper- oil.
  • Page 16 Breaded chicken 2 x 250 g pieces 8-10 portions Unbreaded turkey 2 x 250 g pieces steaks Cumberland sausages Camembert 4 pieces Raw battered 500 g 8-10 vegetables Raw battered 500 g mushrooms Saute potatoes 500 g Croquette potatoes 500 g pre-frying 170 frying 180 Fried bread...
  • Page 17 Fish fingers 300 g Beef burgers 220 g Potato croquettes 500 g pre-frying 1-2 frying 3-4 Chips 500 g 1000 g 8-10 Spring rolls 2 x 60 g 8-10 Scampi 250 g unbreaded 300 g Plaice fillets Squid rings 250 g Please note: The times given are only a guide.
  • Page 18 ^ Lower the frying basket slowly so that the oil does not froth over. ^ The oil or fat must be hot enough to ^ Rinsing freshly cut potatoes under seal the food quickly. If the tempera- ture is too low the food will absorb running water and then drying them too much fat which will make it diffi- thoroughly with kitchen paper towel...
  • Page 19 ^ Once the oil has drained out, close the tap again by turning the Switch the fryer off. We recommend b as far as it hand-wheel that you filter the frying oil. This not only will go. Check that you cannot turn it removes impurities which can affect the any further.
  • Page 20 ^ Turn the control to "0" and wait until the heating element has cooled Your fryer is fitted with a safety cut-out down. which automatically switches it off if: ^ Rectify whatever has caused the – the oil reservoir is not filled to at least automatic cut-out.
  • Page 21 Never use a steam cleaner to clean Clean the lid with hot water and a little this appliance. Pressurised steam washing up liquid and then wipe dry could cause permanent damage to with a soft cloth. Please take care as the surface and to components for the lid scratches easily.
  • Page 22: After Frying

    ^ Drain the oil out of the reservoir be- Clean the frying basket after each use, fore cleaning (see "After frying"). either in the dishwasher or with hot wa- Then raise the heating element. ter and a little washing up liquid. Dry it thoroughly.
  • Page 23 Repairs to electrical appliances Check whether the oil must only be carried out by a suit- ably qualified and competent person – is suitable for frying. in accordance with local and na- – needs changing. tional safety regulations. Unauthor- ised repairs could be dangerous. Some minor problems, however, can be Ensure that the oil is hot enough and dealt with as follows:...
  • Page 24: Data Plate

    This appliance should be installed with Connection of this appliance should be plenty of space on either side. See In- made via a suitable isolator or a double stallation Instruction Booklet before pole fused spur connection unit or making electrical connection. fused plug and switched socket which complies with national and local safety All electrical work should be carried...
  • Page 25 BS 1362 should be fitted. Replacement The wire which is coloured blue must fuse covers may be purchased from be connected to the terminal which is your local electrical supplier, or Miele marked with the letter N or coloured Service agent. black.
  • Page 26 The address of the nearest Service Department is given on the back page. The voltage and rated load are given on the data plate. Please quote these data, together with the model description and serial number when contacting the Ser- vice Department.
  • Page 28 Alteration rights reserved 03/3602 This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.