Miele CS 1411 Operating And Installation Instructions
Miele CS 1411 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele CS 1411 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele fryer user manual


Operating and Installation
Electric Fryer
CS 1411
en - US
To prevent accidents and
appliance damage,
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 07 346 970


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  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Electric Fryer CS 1411 en - US To prevent accidents and appliance damage, read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 07 346 970...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 3 Guide to the fryer ..........6 Before using for the first time.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    WARNING- When using your appliance follow basic precautions, including the following: Read all instructions before installation or use to prevent injury and appliance damage. This appliance conforms to all uniform safety codes and regulations. These instructions contain important information on installation, safety, use and maintenance of this appliance.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Technical Safety Installation, repair and maintenance work should be performed by a Miele authorized service technician. Work by unqualified persons could be dangerous and may void the warranty. Be sure your appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician.
  • Page 5 Safety The appliance is hot during use and remains so for some time after being switched off. Be careful not to come in contact with the hot appliance, oil or water in the fryer. Only the handle of the basket is safe to touch. Once the residual heat indicator has gone out the appliance is safe to touch.
  • Page 6: Guide To The Fryer

    Guide to the fryer a Basket b Handle (fold-away, removable) c Basket clip d Basket support e Heating element (can be raised) f Drain valve g Display h Control knob i Reservoir min. 3 quarts (3 l), max. 1 gallon (4 l). Indicators j On/Off indicator k Temperature control light...
  • Page 7: Before Using For The First Time

    Cleaning the appliance ^ Remove any protective packaging or labels. ^ Make sure the drain valve is closed. ^ Fill the reservoir with approximately 1 gallon (4 l) of water and add a small amount of dish soap. Make sure the water level is no higher than the maximum level marked on the rear of the reservoir.
  • Page 8: Use

    Fryer lid ^ To remove the lid to the fryer, press on the left or right side of the lid with your finger a. ^ Use your other hand to lift the cover at the back and remove b. Do not replace the lid until the deep fat fryer is completely cold.
  • Page 9: Residual Heat Indicator

    Residual heat indicator The indicator turns off once the appliance is cool enough to touch. Do not touch the fryer when the residual heat indicator is on. Danger of burns!
  • Page 10: Using The Fryer

    Using the fryer Before frying Only operate the fryer with the lid removed. Only use oil/fat which is suitable for frying. Never mix two types of oil/fat together. Be sure the reservoir has been filled with enough oil, min. 3 quarts (3 liters) max.
  • Page 11 Fresh food Steak fries French fries Chicken fingers Unbreaded, turkey cutlets Veal cutlets Parsley Mozzarella sticks Mushrooms Raw battered vegetables Doughnuts Apple turnovers Banana fritters Frozen food Steak fries French fries Fish sticks Unbreaded, fish fillets Calamari Please note: Times given are only a guide. Actual cooking times will vary depending on the size and quantity of the food being cooked.
  • Page 12: Frying Tips

    Using the fryer Frying tips Do not add salt, powders or sauces to food while the basket is over the hot oil. This can cause the oil to "spit" or froth which could cause burns. – The oil must be hot enough to seal and cook the food quickly.
  • Page 13: After Using The Fryer

    After using the fryer Turn off the fryer and drain off the oil. If you wish to store the oil, it should be filtered to remove any impurities which may impair the taste of the food and will help the oil last longer. Use extreme caution when draining and disposing grease! ^ Allow the oil to cool but not solidify.
  • Page 14: Safety Cut-Out Feature

    Safety cut-out feature This appliance is equipped with a safety cut-out feature that automatically shuts it off when: – the reservoir is not filled to at least the minimum level marker. – the appliance is turned on when empty. – the appliance is turned on when the heating element is raised (e.g.
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Care

    After cleaning use a soft, dry cloth to remove any moisture to prevent the build-up of limescale deposits. A variety of Miele cleaning a care products are available from your authorized Miele dealer or by visiting the Mieleusa.com website.
  • Page 16 Stainless steel surfaces The stainless steel surfaces, including the fryer lid, can be cleaned using a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner (available from Miele). Apply sparingly with even pressure using a soft cloth. Fryer basket Clean the basket after each use using a mild solution of warm water and liquid dish soap.
  • Page 17: Frequently Asked Questions

    Too much food was loaded at one time. Frequently asked questions Solution See "Safety cut-out feature". Check whether a fuse is blown. If the problem persists contact Miele. Solution See "After frying". Use oil or fat specifically labeled as being suitable for deep frying.
  • Page 18: Technical Service

    Technical Service In the event of a fault which you cannot easily fix yourself, please contact the Miele Technical Service Department at the address on the back of this booklet. When contacting Technical Service please quote the serial number and model of the appliance.
  • Page 19 Miele appliance. Please note that unless expressly approved in writing by the Miele Ser- vice department, Extended Service Contracts offered by other providers for Miele products will not be recognized by Miele.
  • Page 20: Optional Accessories

    Optional accessories Miele offers a variety of additional accessories for its appliances. All accessories can be ordered from Miele Pasta basket with lid For cooking pasta...
  • Page 21: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT: SAVE FOR THE LOCAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR'S USE Information is subject to change. Please refer to our website to obtain the most current product specification, technical & warranty information. To prevent accidents and appliance damage read these instructions before installation or use.
  • Page 22: Important Installation Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Note to the installer: Please leave this instruction book with the consumer for the local electrical inspector’s use. The minimum distances given in these Installation Instructions must be observed in order to ensure safe operation. Failure to do so increases the risk of fire.
  • Page 23 30" (760 mm) must be maintained. If there is more than one appliance beneath a hood (e.g. wok burner and electric cooktop), and they have different minimum safety distances always observe the greater distance.
  • Page 24 IMPORTANT INSTALLATION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety distances to the sides of the appliance The fryer should only be installed as shown in the illustrations, while maintaining the required safety distances shown. Do not install the appliance between two tall cabinets, this is a fire hazard. A distance of at least 2"...
  • Page 25: Installation

    Safety distance from the wall covering If a wall covering is installed, a minimum safety distance must be maintained between the countertop cut-out and the covering, since high temperatures can damage these materials. If the covering is made of a combustible material (such as wood), the distance between the countertop cut-out and the wall covering must be a minimum of 2"...
  • Page 26: Installation Dimensions

    Installation Installation dimensions a Spring clips b Front c Installation height d Power supply box with connection cable, L = 78 3/4" (2000 mm) e Drain valve f Rating label...
  • Page 27 Cut-out ^ Make the countertop cut-out for the desired number of appliances. Remember to maintain a minimum safety distance from the back wall, as well as from any tall unit or side wall to the left or right of the combiset.
  • Page 28: Installation Of Multiple Appliances

    Installation Installation of multiple appliances When installing more than one combiset appliance, a support bar b must be installed between the appliances. Countertop cut-out two appliances For the installation of two appliances the width of the countertop cut-out D is the sum of A and C.
  • Page 29 Sample calculations for a countertop cut-out for three appliances appliance width appliance width minus 5/16" (8 mm) 11" (280 mm) 11 5/16" (288 mm) 11" (280 mm) 15" (380 mm) 11" (280 mm) 22 11/16" (576 mm) 14 5/8" (372 mm) 11 5/16" (288 mm) 14 5/8"...
  • Page 30 Installation a Spring clips b Support bars c Space between support bar and countertop d Cover The illustration represents the attachment of spring clips a and support bars b for 3 appliances. An additional support bar is required for each additional appliance. The position for attachment of an additional support bar depends on the width of appliance B.
  • Page 31: Attach The Spring Clips And Support Bars

    Attach the spring clips and support bars Wood or solid surface countertops ^ Place the supplied spring clips a and the support bars b at the marked positions as shown above, by laying them on the upper edge of the cut-out and then securing them with the "...
  • Page 32 Installation Granite countertop The screws are not needed for granite countertops. ^ Position and attach the spring clips a and support bars b with strong, double-sided tape c. ^ Coat the side and lower edges of the spring clips between a and b with silicone.
  • Page 33 Installing the appliance(s) ^ Feed the power cord down through the cut-out. ^ Place the front edge of the appliance into the cut-out. ^ With a hand on each side of the appliance press down evenly on the edges until it clicks into position. When doing so make sure that the appliance seal sits tightly on the countertop to ensure it is sealed...
  • Page 34: Sealing

    Installation Sealing The appliance must not be permanently sealed into the countertop when installed. The sealing strip under the edge of the appliance provides a sufficient seal for the countertop. If the appliance is sealed into position, the countertop or appliance could be damaged if it needs to be removed for maintenance or service.
  • Page 35: Electrical Connection

    CAUTION: Before installation or servicing, disconnect the power supply by either removing the fuse, shutting off the main power or manually "tripping" the circuit breaker. Installation work and repairs should only be performed by a qualified technician in accordance with all applicable codes and standards.

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