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Pride COLT EXECUTIVE Owner's Manual Page 22

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Main Circuit Breaker
When the voltage in the batteries becomes low or
your scooter is heavily strained because of
excessive loads, the main circuit breaker may trip
to protect the motor and electronics from damage.
When the breaker trips, the entire electrical
system shuts down. See figure 9.
The reset lever flips down when the breaker
Allow a minute or so for the electronics to
Push the reset lever up until you hear a click to
reset the breaker.
If the breaker trips frequently, you may need to charge the batteries more often or have your authorised
Pride dealer perform a load test on the batteries.
If the main circuit breaker trips repeatedly, see your authorised Pride dealer for service.
NOTICE: If you are preparing the scooter for transport or service, or if there is a situation that requires
you to manually shut down the electrical system, press the manual shut-off button on the circuit
breaker. This will cut all power to the scooter.
Always secure the scooter in a forward-facing position in the vehicle. Attach the four tie-down straps to
the designated securement points. See figures 10 and 10A. Tighten the straps to sufficiently remove all
slack. Never attach tie-downs to adjustable, moving or removable parts of the scooter such as armrests,
shrouds and wheels. These items should be removed. Position the anchor points for the rear tie-down straps
directly behind the rear securement points on the scooter. The front tie-down straps should anchor to floor
points that are spaced wider than the scooter to provide increased lateral stability.
WARNING! Ensure scooters are properly secured to the motor vehicle during transport.
Scooters that are not properly secured can become a hazard to the user and to other
vehicle passengers in the event of a crash, sudden stopping or swerving, as the scooter
could tip or slide out of place.
Figure 10. Front Section
I I I . Y O U R S C O O T E R
Figure 9. Main Circuit Breaker
Figure 10A. Rear Section
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