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Pride COLT EXECUTIVE Owner's Manual Page 30

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Move the tiller to the centre position to drive straight ahead.
To stop, slowly release the throttle control lever. The electronic brakes will automatically engage,
bringing your scooter to a stop.
NOTE: Your scooter's reverse speed is slower than that of the forward speed you preset with the speed
adjustment dial.
1. Bring your scooter to a complete stop.
2. Power down your scooter and remove the key from the key switch.
3. Disengage the seat rotation lever and rotate the seat until you are facing toward the side of your scooter.
4. Make certain that the seat is fixed securely in position.
5. Carefully and safely get out of the seat and stand to the side of your scooter.
6. You can leave the seat facing to the side to facilitate boarding your scooter next time.
Your scooter is equipped with an energy saving automatic power down timer feature designed to preserve
your scooter's battery life. If you mistakenly leave the key in the key switch and in the "on" position but
do not use your scooter for approximately 20 minutes, the scooter's controller shuts down automatically.
Although the controller is shut down, power will still be supplied to the scooter's lighting system.
If the power down timer feature takes effect, perform the following steps to resume normal operation:
1. Remove the key from the key switch.
2. Reinsert the key and power up your scooter.
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