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Pride COLT EXECUTIVE Owner's Manual Page 17

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WARNING! Do not sit on your scooter while it is in a moving vehicle.
WARNING! Always be sure your scooter and its batteries are properly secured when it is
being transported. Batteries should be secured in an upright position and protective
caps should be installed on the battery terminals. Batteries should not be transported
with any flammable or combustible items.
Getting onto and off of your scooter requires a good sense of balance. Please observe the following safety
tips when getting onto and off of your scooter:
Remove the key from the key switch.
Ensure that your scooter is not in freewheel mode. See III. "Your Scooter."
Make certain that the seat is secured into place.
Pivot the armrests up to make getting onto and off of the scooter easier.
WARNING! Position yourself as far back as possible in the scooter seat to prevent the
scooter from tipping.
WARNING! Avoid putting all of your weight on the scooter armrests and do not use the
armrests for weight bearing purposes, such as transfers. Such use may cause the
scooter to tip, resulting in a fall from the scooter and personal injury.
WARNING! Avoid putting all of your weight on the floorboard. Such use may cause the
scooter to tip.
Avoid reaching or bending while driving your scooter. Bending forward creates the risk of accidental throttle
control lever contact. Bending to the side while seated creates the risk of tipping. It is important to maintain
a stable centre of gravity and keep the scooter from tipping. Pride recommends that the scooter user deter-
mine his/her personal limitations and practice bending and reaching in the presence of a qualified attendant.
WARNING! Do not bend, lean or reach for objects if you have to pick them up from the
scooter deck or from either side of the scooter. Movements such as these may change your
centre of gravity and the weight distribution of the scooter and cause your scooter to tip.
PROHIBITED! Keep your hands away from the tyres when driving. Be aware that loose
fitting clothing can become caught in drive tyres.
Your authorised Pride Dealer, therapist(s) and other healthcare professionals are responsible for determin-
ing your requirement for a positioning belt in order to operate your scooter safely.
WARNING! If you require a positioning belt to safely operate your scooter, make sure it
is fastened securely.
The scooter user must exercise care and common sense when operating his/her scooter. This includes
awareness of safety issues when taking prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or when the user has specific
physical limitations.
WARNING! Consult your physician if you are taking prescribed or over-the-counter med-
ication or if you have certain physical limitations. Some medications and limitations may
impair your ability to operate your scooter in a safe manner.
Colt Executive
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