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Pride COLT EXECUTIVE Owner's Manual Page 21

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The batteries, motor/transaxle assembly and the manual freewheel lever are located on the rear section of
your scooter. See figure 8.
Figure 8. Rear Section
The batteries store electrical energy that powers your scooter. See IV. "Batteries and Charging " for infor-
mation on how to charge your scooter batteries.
Motor/Transaxle Assembly
The motor/transaxle assembly is an electromechanical unit that converts electrical energy from your
scooter's batteries into the controlled mechanical energy that drives the scooter's wheels.
Manual Freewheel Lever
Whenever you need or want to push your scooter for short distances, you can put it in freewheel mode.
1. Remove the key from the key switch.
2. Push forward on the manual freewheel lever to disable the drive system and the brake system. This will
enable you to push the scooter.
3. Pull back on the manual freewheel lever to reengage the drive and the brake systems and take your
scooter out of freewheel mode.
WARNING! When your scooter is in freewheel mode, the braking system is disengaged.
Disengage the drive motors only on a level surface.
Ensure the key is removed from the key switch.
Stand to the side of the scooter to engage or disengage freewheel mode. Never sit on
a scooter to do this.
After you have finished pushing your scooter, always return it to the drive mode to
lock the brakes.
NOTE: If the scooter is placed in freewheel mode (manual freewheel lever forward) while the key is in
the "on" position, the scooter will not run until the manual freewheel lever is pushed rearward and the
key is turned to the "off" position, then back to the "on" position.
Colt Executive
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