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Pride COLT EXECUTIVE Owner's Manual Page 24

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I V . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G
Follow these easy steps to charge the batteries:
1. Position the front of your scooter close to a
standard electrical outlet.
2. Remove the key from the key switch.
3. Make sure that the manual freewheel lever is in
the drive position.
4. Plug the 3-pin charger power lead into the off-
board charger port. See figures 6 and 12.
5. Extend the charger power lead and plug it into
the electrical outlet. We recommend that you
charge the batteries for 8 to 14 hours.
6. When the batteries are fully charged, unplug
the charger power lead from the electrical out-
let and then from the off-board charger port.
NOTE: The LED lights on the charger indicate different charger conditions at various times: charger
power on, charging in progress and charging complete. Refer to the manual supplied with the charger
for a complete explanation of these indicators.
NOTE: There is a charger inhibit function on your scooter. The scooter will not run and the battery
condition meter will not operate while the batteries are charging.
How does the charger work?
When your scooter's battery voltage is low, the charger works harder, sending more electrical current to
the batteries to bring up their charge. As the batteries approach a full charge, the charger sends less and
less electrical current. When the batteries are fully charged, the current sent from the charger is at nearly
zero amperage. Therefore, when the charger is plugged in, it maintains the charge on your scooter's bat-
teries, but does not overcharge them. We do not recommend that you charge your scooter's batteries for
more than 24 consecutive hours.
Can I use a different charger?
Chargers are selected precisely for particular applications and are especially matched to the type, size and
chemical formulation of specific batteries. For the safest and most efficient charging of your scooter's
batteries we recommend only use of the charger supplied as original equipment with your Pride product.
Any charging method resulting in batteries being charged individually is especially prohibited.
What if my scooter's batteries won't charge?
Ensure the red (+) and black (-) battery cables are connected properly to the battery terminals.
Ensure both battery harnesses that extend from the batteries are plugged into their mating harness.
Ensure both ends of the charger power lead are inserted fully.
How often must I charge the batteries?
Two major factors must be considered when deciding how often to charge your scooter's batteries:
All day scooter use on a daily basis.
Infrequent or sporadic scooter use.
Figure 12. Off-board Charger
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