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Belling FS50SO WH Users Manual & Installation Handbook

50cm electric freestanding cooker/electric single oven and grill with solid hotplates
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50cm Electric Freestanding Cooker
Electric Single Oven and Grill with Solid Hotplates
User Guide & Installation Handbook



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  Summary of Contents for Belling FS50SO WH

  • Page 1 50cm Electric Freestanding Cooker Electric Single Oven and Grill with Solid Hotplates FS50SO WH User Guide & Installation Handbook...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS User Section ........... 2 - 17 Introduction .
  • Page 4: User Section

    INTRODUCTION Thank you for buying this pulling on the doors or handles. Open appliance. the door and grasp the frame of the cooker, taking care that the door does We hope that the following information not shut on your fingers. will help you to quickly familiarise your- self with the features of the appliance, Take care to avoid damage to soft or...
  • Page 5 INTRODUCTION Environmental Protection We are committed to protecting the environment and operate an Environmental Management System which complies with BS EN ISO 14001. Disposal of packaging • All our packaging materials are recy- clable and environmentally friendly. • Please help us to protect our envi- ronment by disposing of all packag- ing in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Page 6: Be Safe - Not Sorry

    BE SAFE - NOT SORRY When you are cooking, keep • • Do not drape tea towels over the children away from the vicinity flue vents or doors, as this creates a of the appliance. fire hazard. Children should be supervised to •...
  • Page 7: About Your Appliance

    ABOUT YOUR APPLIANCE Purpose The cooker should be used for preparing household meals only. It must not be used for any other purpose. Parts Identification 1 - control panel 2 - oven and grill. 3 - oven door 4 - hot plate rear left 5 - hot plate rear right 6 - hot plate front left 7 - hot plate front right...
  • Page 8: Using The Hob

    USING THE HOB Using the hotplate To save energy • Commercial simmering aids should • Always position pans centrally over not be used as they create excessive the heating area. temperatures that can damage the • Put lids on saucepans and only heat surface and may cause a hazard.
  • Page 9 USING THE HOB Choice of pans • Pans with highly polished bases can reflect heat back into the hob caus- The choice of cookware is important if ing the hotplate to cycle on and off you are to achieve maximum benefit more rapidly than normal, which can from cooking.
  • Page 10 USING THE HOB In the event of a cooking pan fire: 1. Turn off the cooker at the wall switch. 2. Cover the pan with a fire blanket or damp cloth. This will smother the flames and extinguish the fire. 3.
  • Page 11: Using The Grill

    USING THE GRILL Caution: Accessible parts may be hot when the grill is used, young chil- dren should be kept away. Detachable grill pan handle Trivet Handle The handle should be removed from the pan during grilling, to prevent overheat- ing.
  • Page 12 USING THE GRILL Preheating Use the handle when handling the grill pan (Figure 10b). For best results, preheat the grill for 3 - Figure 10b 5 minutes. To switch on the grill Turn the selector control knob (Figure 8) to the grill position. Figure 8 Grilling position...
  • Page 13: Using The Main Oven

    USING THE OVEN Accessible parts may be hot when Always turn the control knob to off (G) the oven is used. Young children when cooking has finished. should be kept away. Please note: The appliance incorporates a safety thermostat which cuts the elec- tric supply to the oven if the temperature Function becomes excessive.
  • Page 14: Baking Guide

    USING THE OVEN Baking guide margarine is used it may be necessary to reduce the temperature setting. NOTE: The temperature settings and times given in the baking guide are based on dishes made with block margarine. If soft tub Dish Recommended Approximate temperature ˚C...
  • Page 15: Traditional Fruit Cakes

    USING THE OVEN Traditional fruit cakes Roast turkey It should be remembered that all ovens Roasting turkey involves cooking two dif- can vary, therefore cooking times can ferent types of meat - the delicate light vary, making it difficult to be precise breast meat, which must not be allowed when baking fruit cakes.
  • Page 16: Roasting Guide

    USING THE OVEN Roasting guide Notes: The times given in the roasting guide are When cooking stuffed meat or poul- only approximate, because the size and try calculate the cooking time from age of the bird will influence cooking the total weight of the meat plus the times as will the shape of a joint and the stuffing.
  • Page 17: Care And Cleaning

    CARE & CLEANING Caution: Any cleaning agent used Glass parts incorrectly may damage the appli- door panels ance. Use a mild cream cleaner - eg; “Cif”. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft Always let the appliance cool before cloth. cleaning.
  • Page 18 CARE & CLEANING Painted, plastic and metal finish Cleaning the hotplate parts • Clean the hot plates with a damp control knobs, door handles & doors, fas- sponge and then dry them by turn- cia panel ing them on for a few seconds. Only use a clean cloth wrung out in hot •...
  • Page 19 INSTALLATION Positioning • Remove all packing materials includ- ing the protective film covering the chrome-plated and stainless steel parts (if applicable). • The kitchen should be dry and well ventilated. Position the cooker ensuring free access to all the con- trols.
  • Page 20 IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE This cooker MUST be secured to the wall, please follow the instructions below. Safety chain anchors o In order to eliminate the risk of the oven falling forward, two chains have been installed at the rear of the cooker. Before use, these will need to be fastened securely to the wall behind the appliance with the anchor brackets supplied.
  • Page 21: Installation Instructions

    Important: Ensure that you route all and handles. mains cables well clear of any adjacent heat source. FS50SO WH Clearances Width This cooker may be fitted flush to base units. However, for models with side...
  • Page 22 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTRICAL COOKERS Connect to the electricity supply IMPORTANT: 1. Access to the mains terminal is gained by opening the terminal block We recommend that this appliance is con- cover at the rear of the appliance nected by a competent person, who is a (use a small flat-bladed screwdriver).
  • Page 23: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Electrical supply 220 - 240V ~ 50Hz Dimensions All sizes are nominal so some variation is to be expected. Countries of destination GB - Great Britain, IE - Ireland Warning: This appliance must be earth- Databadge is located at the bottom of the front frame, behind the door.
  • Page 24 Custome In case of difficulty within the UK and Northern Ireland, please call Customer Care Helpline on 0844 815 3746 When you dial this number you will hear a recorded message and be given a number of options. This indicates that your call has been accepted and is being held in a queue.