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1.2 About AcerRouter 101/201

AcerRouter 101/201 provides the most Internet access to multiple users by
sharing one/two dial-up accounts. The outstanding feature of AcerRouter 101 is
the two-serial-port (AcerRouter 201 with one built-in modem and one serial-port)
design as primary and secondary on-demand or dial-in ports. Modem2 port will be
initiated by the system to increase the bandwidth for traffic congestion relief.
Modem2 port will disconnect automatically to save cost when the demand for
service decreases. If there is no request for accessing the Internet after a period of
time, the system will hang up the connection automatically. Simple configuration
gets your AcerRouter 101/201 up and running in minutes.
With all these advance technologies, AcerRouter 101/201 provide a cost effective
solution for your networking need.

1.3 Features and Benefits

Ÿ Support 28.8/33.6/56K modems, ISDN TAs, and leased-line connections
Ÿ Support up to two modem connections simultaneously to boost Internet
access bandwidth
Ÿ Support Dial-On-Demand and auto-disconnect function to save Internet
access cost
Ÿ Support PPP/PAP/CHAP authentication protocol for dial-up identification
Ÿ Support PPP dial-in connection by using standard dial-up program
Ÿ Support DHCP/fixed IP configuration for host IP address assignment
Ÿ Easy setup through web browser or Telnet on any operating system that
supports TCP/IP
Ÿ Compatible with all popular Internet applications
Ÿ Firewall to protect internal hosts from outside intruders
Ÿ Network connection through the built-in 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX Ethernet

1.4 Applications

There are several applications for AcerRouter 101/201, such as:
Ÿ Sharing IP Address
The AcerRouter 101/201 provides the most Internet utilization to multiple
users by sharing network environment. With only one ISP account, multiple
users on your network can have access to Internet simultaneously.
Ÿ Internet Access
The series supports one or two modem Internet accesses. Users can


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