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AcerRouter 101/201 and Modem
Modem can dial out, but won' t
connect to the ISP
When dialing into the AcerRouter
101/201, the Modem does not
seem to connect.
I cannot get IP from AcerRouter
101/201. I have another DHCP
server on my LAN
Check the initialization string set up. Be sure to
power off and power on the Modem after changing the string.
Basically default AT command is " AT&F" and is available for most modems, but some
modems had its own initial AT command due to changeable serial port rate and you
can find this information on their user' s manual. (For Example, US Robotics modem
initial string is " AT&F1B1 )
For no dial tone telephone system, your initial AT command should add " X1" as
" AT&FX1"
Test the Modem in Diagnostics window of Telnet.
You can also use Ping command in MS-DOS mode to verify the network connection:
Ping to see if the TCP/IP stack is properly configured.
Ping gateway IP (Default: to check if the internal link of network
Ping DNS IP and observe whether the modem will dial or not, to check the
external link and modem connection.
Ping a Internet domain name (Example: to see if DNS
Make sure that you are on the AcerRouter 101/201 Dial-in User list.
Modem 2 cannot be enabled.
Check the rear panel of the device, the MODEM 2/CONFIG Switch must be set on the
If the Bandwidth-on-demand is set on the bandwidth allocation, lower down the
percentage of MODEM1 in the rule dialogue¡ ] t he default setting is at 50%¡ ^ .
If there are no Internet access for your network environment, we suggest that you
disable AcerRouter 101/201 DHCP server on the Intranet page. If your LAN can access
the Internet in default, we suggest that you disable your pre-existing DHCP server
services or separates them into two different segments.


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