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Acer AIR-104 User Manual

Acer soho router user guide
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Summary of Contents for Acer AIR-104

  • Page 1 User Guide Acer SOHO Router AIR-104 / AIR-204...
  • Page 2: Limitation Of Liability

    Acer Netxus, Inc. The material contained herein is supplied without representation or warranty of any kind. Acer Netxus, Inc. therefore assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability of any kind arising from the supply or use of this document or the material contained herein.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    What do I need to configure PC’ s? ...3-1 How to configure network PC’ s? ...3-2 Basic Router Configuration What is "basic configuration" ?...4-1 What do I need to configure the AIR-104/204?... Network requirements ...4-1 Internet access ... Using two Internet service accounts ...4-2 How do I log onto the AIR-104/204 ?...4-2...
  • Page 4 How to restart the AIR-104/204 ... How to change the ICC password ...6-2 What if I forget the ICC password? ...6-3 How to upgrade the AIR-104/204 software ... The Command Line Interface What is the Command Line Interface? ... Using the Command Line Interface ...7-1 Connecting to the CLI via Telnet ...7-1...
  • Page 5 Appendix D Warranty, Copyrights, EMI Warranty ...D-1 Copyrights and Trademarks ...D-2 EMI Notice ...D-3 User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 6: About This User Guide

    These two chapters tell you about some more sophisticated functions that will allow you to get the most out of your AIR-104/204. Finally, when you’ re familiar with the features and operations of the AIR-104/204, chapter 7 provides nuts-and-bolts details about the Command Line Interface, a useful tool for displaying advanced system information and for troubleshooting.
  • Page 7: Safety Warnings

    Before applying power to the AIR-104/204, make sure you are using a properly grounded electrical outlet. The AIR-104/204 is not intended to be serviced by the user. Please do not open the case. About This User Guide User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Internet to be set up automatically. As the traffic builds up (e.g., more users try to access the Internet, or the same user generates a lot of traffic), the AIR-104/204 will automatically establish a second connection through a second Internet account, if one has been configured.
  • Page 9: Security Overview

    RS-232 Modem Cable RJ-11 Telephone Cable The AIR-104/204 uses a private IP addressing scheme that protects devices on your LAN from access by users from the Internet outside. All access to the AIR-104/204 (Console, Talent and the browser-based Internet Configuration Console) is protected by password verification.
  • Page 10: The Connectors On The Back

    1 or 2 RJ-45 connectors for connecting to external modems. This is a special cable supplied with the device that has an RJ-45 plug on one end and a DB-25 “D” connector on the opposite end. The AIR-104 is shipped with two of these, and the AIR-204 is shipped with one.
  • Page 11: The Leds On The Front

    There are 20 LEDs on the front of the AIR-104/204 that show the status of the modem ports, the LAN ports, and the power. You can tell at a glance if your AIR-104/204 is func- tioning properly, and if there is any traffic passing through it.
  • Page 12: Chapter 2 Installation

    Chapter 2 Power The AIR-104/204 comes with an external power supply. Plug the round end of the power cable into the DC 12V socket on the AIR-104/204, and plug the body of the power supply into an electrical outlet. Modem connections The AIR-104/204 can access the Internet utilizing either one or two modem connections, depending on the user’...
  • Page 13: Network Connections

    Figure 2-2 Uplink Switch Connecting PC’ s directly to the router LAN ports 2,3, and 4 on the AIR-104/204 are dedicated to NORMAL mode usage - they are intended to connect PC’ s directly. Connect the Ethernet network interface on your PC to LAN port 2,3, or 4. Use an RJ-45 to RJ-45 cable (not supplied) to make the connection.
  • Page 14: Connecting Pc' S Directly To The Router Via A Hub Or Switch

    PC’ s to each other with an external hub or switch, and then connect that hub or switch to LAN port 1 on the AIR-104/204 (see Figure 2-1). In this configuration, LAN ports 2,3, and 4 on the AIR-104/204 can still directly connect to PC’ s as described above.
  • Page 15: Configuring Pc's In The Network

    TCP/IP documentation. When do I need to configure PC's? When you first install the AIR-104/204 in your network, you will need to configure a PC so that you can use it, in turn, to configure the AIR-104/204. After the AIR-104/204 is properly configured, you will need to configure each PC that is connected to the network.
  • Page 16: How To Configure Network Pc's

    7 (below). Otherwise, click on the Add button with the mouse. The Network Component Type window will appear. In the Network Component Type window, click the Protocol button with the mouse. The Select Network Protocol window will appear. Configuring PC's User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 17 Step 6 Step 7 TCP/IP Properties Tabs (IP Address Tab shown) User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Select Microsoft In the Select Network Protocol window, select Microsoft from the list of manufacturers by clicking it with the mouse. Select TCP/IP from the list of network manufacturers by clicking it with the mouse.
  • Page 18 Note: then the Windows operating system may emit DNS broadcast packets, which may in turn cause the AIR-104/204 to dial up your ISP even if there is no real Internet traffic. Make sure that both the PC and the AIR-104/204 are properly connected to the network, and then reboot the PC.
  • Page 19: Chapter 4 Basic Router Configuration

    What is "basic configuration"? Basic configuration of the AIR-104/204 encompasses the minimum procedure necessary for Internet access. If you are configuring the AIR-104/204 for the first time, following the procedures outlined in this chapter will allow you to begin accessing the Internet right away.
  • Page 20: Internet Access

    (on Netscape, this box is labeled “Location”; on Internet Explorer, this box is labeled "Address”). In this box, enter the private IP address of the AIR-104/204, and then hit the Return key. By default, the private IP address of the AIR- 104/204 is: The AIR-104/204, as shipped from the factory, is set with this private IP address.
  • Page 21: The Internet Configuration Console Browser Screen

    (“*”) for privacy. If you have changed the password and then forgotten the new password, you must need to clear the entire configuration of the AIR-104/204 and return all values to factory default. See Chapter 6 for the procedure.
  • Page 22: Basic Configuration

    When the ICC browser screen first appears, before any utility has been selected, the Main Window will display a schematic of the rear panel of the AIR-104/204, along with the devices that can be attached to each port.
  • Page 23: The System Status Monitoring Window

    The System Status monitoring window is not integrated into the ICC browser screen. Rather, it appears as a separate, dedicated browser window that contains no utilities, so that you may monitor the status of the AIR-104/204 as you use it, even if you have already logged off from the ICC.
  • Page 24: How To Configure Your Modem Connection

    You should disable those modem ports (external or internal) that are not connected to live phone lines, so that the AIR-104/204 will not keep attempting to set up Internet connections with them, thereby causing delays for the users on your LAN as the AIR-104/204 continually attempts to make a call that can never go through.
  • Page 25 Modem Initialization String: the contents of this field should appear automatically, according to the modem type you selected in the previous step. If the selected modem is the built-in V.90 modem of the AIR-104/204, this field will remain blank; no input is required. You need to input a modem initialization string only if you selected Other for Modem Type in the previous step.
  • Page 26: How To Configure Your Internet Connetcion

    Configuration Console (ICC), which is fully described above in the section entitled How do I log onto the AIR-104/204? System requirements for this procedure are detailed at the beginning of this chapter, in the section entitled What do I need to configure the AIR-104/ 204? Alternatively, you may configure the AIR-104/204 by using the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Page 27 Step 2 Step 3 Dual-modem configuration If you have connected modems to both the COM1and COM2 ports of the AIR-104/204 (the built-in V.90 modem on the AIR-104/204 occupies the COM1 port) and you select User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Enter the following information: Phone Number for Internet Account: the telephone number used to access your ISP account.
  • Page 28 AIR-104/204? at the beginning of this chapter). Dual-modem configuration allows you to take advantage of the “Bandwidth on Demand” feature of the AIR-104/204. For more information about this feature, consult the section entitled Advanced System Configuration in Chapter 5. From the Configuration heading on the ICC Menu, you should have clicked Internet Connection Setup and then selected “I want to use two modems for increased speed to...
  • Page 29: After Successful Configuration, What Next

    AIR-104/204 automatically. The procedure to configure network PC’ s is described fully in Chapter 3. Additionally, every time that the AIR-104/204 opens a new ISP connection, there is a possibility that the DNS information provided by the ISP may have changed (for more information, see the section entitled Advanced System Configuration in Chapter 5).
  • Page 30: Chapter 5 Advanced Router Configuration

    Advanced Router Configuration What is "advanced configuration"? Advanced configuration of the AIR-104/204 covers a range of options that allow you to fine-tune your Internet access and your network configuration. These options are listed as the section titles in this chapter.
  • Page 31: Setting The Time

    System Log, see Appendix A. The AIR-104/204 does not contain a battery to back up its internal clock, so the time will not be maintained across a system reset or power-down. Therefore, in order to utilize properly any feature that requires the clock to be accurate, you will need to reset the AIR- 104/204’...
  • Page 32: System Time Setting

    PC whenever it logs onto the ICC. If you wish to reset the AIR-104/204’ s clock, you should first ensure that your management PC is set to the correct date and time, and then apply your management PC’...
  • Page 33: Setting Internet Access Time Restrictions

    Internet access except on certain days, at certain times. In order for this feature to be effective, the AIR-104/204’ s internal clock must already have been set to the correct date and time. See Setting the Time (above) for full details.
  • Page 34: Advanced System Configuration

    Internet access. You may also modify the AIR-104/204’ s Private IP Address, if you wish, to assign it to a different IP subnet, or to avoid any conflict caused by two network devices sharing the same private IP address.
  • Page 35: Chapter 5 Advanced Configuration to, network PC’ s will no longer be able to communicate with your AIR-104/204 - specifically, the management PC that just changed the IP address will no longer be able to communicate with the AIR-104/ 204. To reconnect, you need to re-boot your computer. Similarly, all other devices on the LAN need to be restarted before they can access the Internet again.
  • Page 36: Static Dhcp Assignments

    “bandwidth on demand” feature. If you select “Connect 2nd Account Only if Needed” (the default), then the “bandwidth on demand“ feature will be enabled, and the AIR-104/204 will only establish a second connection if Internet traffic increases above an upper threshold. Once the traffic decreases below a lower threshold, the second connection will be taken down.
  • Page 37 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Advanced Configuration To add an entry to the DHCP Static Assignment Table, click on the Add button at the bottom of the table. The Add a Static Entry screen appears in the main window of the ICC browser screen.
  • Page 38: Chapter 6 Management

    5AIR-104/204AIR-104/204 Chapter 6 What is "management"? The management functions of the AIR-104/204 provide you with convenient tools necessary to update the AIR-104/204 over the long term. This chapter covers the following common tasks: • • • • • How to save or clear configuration changes While fine-tuning your Internet access, you may need to make temporary adjustments to the AIR-104/204;...
  • Page 39: How To Restart The Air-104/204

    Chapter 6 How to restart the AIR-104/204 Besides toggling the power switch on the back panel of the AIR-104/204, you can also restart the system from the ICC Menu. Step 1 Step 2 How to change the ICC password For added security, you should frequently change the ICC password saved in the AIR- 104/204.
  • Page 40: What If I Forget The Icc Password

    Step3 What if I forget the ICC password? For your security, a password is REQUIRED to log onto the AIR-104/204. If you forget the ICC password, the only way to recover is to clear the entire configuration manually and return the unit to its original state as shipped from the factory. Unfortunately, this will also result in the loss of your entire configuration database;...
  • Page 41 (e.g., a200v101.sig), or click Browse to select a path to the software. When ready, click the Upgrade button, and follow the onscreen instructions. The new firmware will begin loading across the network. After the operation is complete, be sure to reset the AIR-104/204, and the new firmware will take effect. Management...
  • Page 42: Chapter 7 The Command Line Interface

    Command Line Interface (CLI). In fact, certain feature of the AIR-104/ 204 are ONLY accessible by means of the CLI. The CLI is a text-based user interface, unlike the graphic interface of the ICC, and it MUST be used to control the AIR-104/204 from a directly-connected console PC.
  • Page 43: General Guidelines

    Chapter 7 Step 6 General guidelines When logging on to the AIR-104/204, the user will see a system sign-on message, followed by a password prompt: As outlined in Chapter 4, the default password is “password”. If you are logging onto the system for the first time, key in the default password;...
  • Page 44: Conventions

    From a functional point of view, commands can be grouped into the following functional categories: This list may vary depending upon the model of AIR-104/204 and the installed features. For convenience, the section Command List summarizes all commands using the following categories: •...
  • Page 45: Command List

    Windows 95/98, may then request a lease on an IP address from a DHCP server. As the term implies, the assignment of the address is temporary. The default lease period in a AIR-104/204 DHCP server is ten hours. The DHCP client is responsible for the renewal of the lease.
  • Page 46: Diagnostic Commands

    00400535db4f 222222222222 Command> show dhcp table Static Dhcp Assignments Name IP-Address ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- daniel Command Line Interface Default Lease: 10 hours Netmask: Lease-Expires Entry Type 06-15-99 14:24:5 Static 06-15-99 16:43:7 Dynamic Mac-Address 00-40-05-35-DB-4F User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 47: Ip Commands

    [<n_times> < n_size>] Description: See description under Diagnostics. set ip private <ip_addr> <netmask> Description: This command is used to modify the private address on the AIR-104/204’ s LAN interface. The IP network corresponding to the set ip private command becomes the private network.
  • Page 48: Show Arp Table

    Calls to icmp error: Messages Reflected: AIR101> show ip Admin. Oper. Ifname State State IP Address ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enabled isp1 Enabled Inactive (Unnumbered) MIP1 Enabled Inactive (Unnumbered) Command Line Interface Received Transmitted Destination/ Netmask Broadcast Addr User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 49: Show Ip Statistics

    Description: This command displays the IP configuration over the specified interface. Example: show ip statistics Description: This command displays IP routing related statistics Example: User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Command> show ip lan Interface: lan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IP Address: Netmask: Dest.
  • Page 50: Port Commands

    Total datagrams Datagrams with checksum error Datagrams with incorrect length Datagrams dropped due to buffer full Datagrams with dest. port unreachable Multi-connection IP (MIP) Commands: Multi-connection IP (MIP) is the Command Line Interface Received Sent Received Delivered User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 51: Profile Commands

    Description: The statistics fields in all configured Internet profiles are reset to their initial values with this command. clear profile statistics isp1 User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 AcerRouter> show port Port Name : Port Type : Admin Status: No call...
  • Page 52: Show Profile

    TCP/IP VJ Compression: Disabled Multilink Type: Disabled Command Line Interface Remote DN Call Action 5559357 Dial only 5559357 Dial only Admin. State: Enabled Remote DN: 5553500 Caller ID: Call Back #: Recv Auth. Type: None Inactivity Timeout: User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 53: Statistics Commands

    2 Description: Refer to this command under Port Commands. clear profile statistics Description: Refer to this command under Profile Commands. clear profile statistics isp1 User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Command> show profile statistics Prof Oper. Packets Name...
  • Page 54 Description: Refer to this command under Profile Commands. show tcp statistics Description: Refer to this command under IP Commands. show isp1 statistics show isp2 statistics 7-13 Command Line Interface User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 55: System Commands

    In the console window, youll see the message Loading firmware... When you see the message "Ready", immediately (within one second) press Control-C. The AIR-104/204 will now reset. When this is complete, the AIR-104/204 will return all settings to the factory default. The password will once again be “password”.
  • Page 56: Clear Config

    Please enter the new password: ******** Please re-enter the new password: ******** Password has been successfully changed Command> download config ar104.cfg from (This list may differ depending upon the AIR-104/204 model): Example: Command> help Commands are categorized as follows:...
  • Page 57: Save Config

    10 minutes, the console session will automatically be terminated. This timeout value also applies to telnet sessions. Example: set date <mm-dd-yy> Description: This command sets the current date in the AIR-104/204. Example: User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Please enter a selection number [1...7] for more detail information: 1 connect profile <profile name>...
  • Page 58: Show Config

    Example: set timezone <-12- +12> Description: This command specifies the time zone for the AIR-104/204 location as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The time zone is normally set automatically when an HTTP browser first connects to the router using the Internet Configuration Console utility.
  • Page 59: Show Interface List

    Description: The current setting of the Internet time restriction is displayed. See set internet access time for details. Example: show system Description: This command displays system-related configuration. Example: User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 AcerRouter> show interface list Oper. Ifname Type State MTU Status Status...
  • Page 60: Show System Log

    Description: This command shows the time zone, daylight savings time setting, date and time of the day. For AIR-104/204 systems, the time is only correct after an HTTP session has accessed this system or the time has been manually set using the set time command.
  • Page 61: Appendix A Messages

    "Disconnecting... Please wait" This message is displayed whenever the link is in the process of disconnecting. "Download firmware, please wait (2 minutes)..." System is downloading new firmware. It takes about two minutes to complete the operation. User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Messages...
  • Page 62 The message is displayed when the router is in the process of resetting. You can logon to the router after about 30 seconds. "Save configuration succeeded" The configuration was saved to flash memory successfully. "Search fail" An internal error has occurred. User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 63 A system status monitoring window is opened on the PC with the indicated IP address ( Only one system status monitoring window is allowed at a given time. "The system is disconnecting" A "disconnect" button is pressed, while the system is in the process of disconnecting an active modem link. User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 64: Connection Log Messages

    HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. Messages [protocol - IP Addresses - Ports] [Outgoing Call to <number>][ConnSpeed][Assigned IP Address] User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 65: Appendix B Glossary

    Equipped with a modem, you can then log on to the Internet and browse the World Wide Web and USENET, for example, and send and receive e- mail worldwide. User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Glossary...
  • Page 66: Mac Address

    This enables you to control the server and communicate with other servers on the network. To start a Telnet session, you must log in to a server by entering a valid username and password. User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 67: Appendix C Specifications

    User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204 Four-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet repeater hub One RJ-45 RS-232 connector for management console Two RJ-45 asynchronous RS-232 ports (AIR-104) One RJ-45 asynchronous RS-232 port, two RJ-11 ports for Phone / Line (AIR-204) 12VDC/1.5A input - External Power Adapter...
  • Page 68 215 x 149 x 33.6 (L x W x H, mm) Weight AIR-104 : 978g AIR-204 : 1013g Environment Operating Temperature : 0¢X~ 50¢XF Storage Temperature : -20 ¢X~ 70¢XF Relative Humidity : 20% ~ 80% Electrical External 12V DC power supply Specifications User Guide for AIR-104/AIR-204...
  • Page 69: Warranty

    To obtain hardware service, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the Product. Product under warranty will be repaired or replaced according to the terms of the Acer Netxus Warranty Policy. After expiration of the warranty, you may elect to have the Product repaired by ANI, in accordance with the terms of this Warranty, except that you shall be responsible for all costs of repair, replacement and shipping and handling.
  • Page 70: Copyrights And Trademarks

    Copyrights and trademarks A number of trademarks and registered trademarks appear in this manual. Acer Netxus Incorporated acknowledges all trademarks and the rights of the trademarks owned by the companies referred to herein. The following list of trademarks may not include all trademarks referenced in this manual.

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