Chapter 3 Quick Installation; Hardware Installation - Acer 101/201 User Manual

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Chapter 3 Quick Installation

This Quick Installation is designed to help install the AcerRouter 101/201 to your
network. The instructions included in this section assume you are setting up a new
There are 5 steps to set up the AcerRouter 101/201 product:
1. Hardware Installation ¡ G T o set up the hardware connection, power and other
2. Client-side Network Settings¡ G T o set up the client-side TCP/IP
configuration in order to configure and access the AcerRouter 101/201.
3. AcerRouter 101/201 Setting ¡ G T o configure the AcerRouter 101/201 product
using Java compatible web browser or Telnet program.
4. Test¡ G U se browser to access external web site to check if all settings are
5. Setting up other clients¡ G T o set up all other client stations in the same

3.1 Hardware Installation

The followings are instructions for setting up the AcerRouter 101/201 . Refer to the
illustration below and follow the simple steps to quickly install your AcerRouter


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