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Note¡ G I f there is any other DHCP server in the Network, please select " Specify an IP
address" and use the default value " 192.168.1.***"¡ ] * ** is between 2 and 252¡ ^ , set
Subnet Mask "" , Gateway IP "" and DNS for configuration.
After finishing TCP/IP set up, reboot the computer and run the browser to configure the
AcerRouter 101/201. Afterwards, set up other PC in the LAN according to above

3.3 AcerRouter 101/201 settings

1. Start your web browser (Netscape Navigator 4.0 or Microsoft Explorer4.0 later or
other Java compatible browser) and type in the address and press
" ENTER" key on your keyboard. The " Username and Password Required"
window will pop up. Leave the User Name blank and fill in the Password " admin" .
Then click " OK" to enter Web Management.


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