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Sharing router
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Note: In Netscape Communicator 4.0, after popping up for a while, the Quick
Setup window will be hidden behind the Netscape main window. Minimize the
Netscape main window if wish to see the Web Management page.
2. Select " Enable" (default value) to key in the required information for Modem 1.
Note: Modem2 Settings are similar to the Modem1' s. Repeat step 3 if wish to
install Modem2.
3. For most ISP, it' s ok to select PPP. Select the applicable ISP Name from the
drop-down box.
4. For most PPP dial-up account, below 4 parameters are needed. Fill the ISP
phone number, DNS IP, User ID and Password respectively. The information
should be provided by ISP as soon as you applied the account.
5. In Intranet Setting, enter the default value and Subnet Mask, or select one applicable from the drop-down box.
6. Check all the values and click " Save" to save the data and logout setup.


Table of Contents

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