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traffic exceeds the setup threshold.
Note: About ISDN TA Setup
Unlike most modems, ISDN initial strings vary between different ISDN TAs and there is
no " Standard ISDN TA" initial string. If your ISDN TA is not listed in the modem
selection list, you must find out what your ISDN TA initial string is. Your ISDN TA' s
initial string should be listed in your ISDN TA user' s manual. There are probably many
initial strings listed for your ISDN TA. The one you are looking for is Asyn-to-Sync PPP
(Asynchronous to Synchronous PPP). You can enter this initial string if you would like
to use only one channel of your ISDN TA. If you would like to bundle both channels of
your ISDN TA together, you need to use a different initial string called Multilink-PPP.
You should also verify that your ISDN TA supports the Dial-up string ATDT. Most ISDN
TAs will support ATDT and usually the rest will support ATD or ATDI.
Please also note that to bundle the two channels of your ISDN TA together, you must
enter the two phone numbers in the Telephone Number.


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