Chapter 5 Troubleshooting - Acer 101/201 User Manual

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explanation to configure the AcerRouter 101/201.

Chapter 5 Troubleshooting

This chapter provides the solutions to problems occuring during installation and
operation of the AcerRouter 101/201. Please check the following to solve problems.
Problem & Symptom
The LAN Tx/Rx LED is off
Modem is not able to dial out
I Can' t browse to the IP Gateway Check the TCP/IP setup on your PC.
Possible cause & Solution
Check all the connections and make sure that they are well connected.
Make sure that your hub/switch is correctly connected to " Hub" , or your PC to " Node" .
" Hub" and " Node" can not be used at the same time.
Make sure that your Ethernet card is installed properly.
Make sure all the physical connections are well-connected and the Modem is powered
Make sure a working phone line is connected to the Modem.
The number may need to be added with prefix such as " 0," to get an outside line. The
comma stands for the connection waiting time.
Run " winipcfg" under Windows 95/98 prompt DOS or
run " Ipconfig" under Windows NT prompt DOS. The PC should have an IP address of
192.168.1.x (where " x" is from 1 to 254.).
If you use fixed IP, you have to set client station IP address in the range of
~ except ~, default gateway as and DNS IP as your ISP' s DNS IP.
If the computer has previously used Dial-up networking for Internet access, you have to
make the following changes:
Click Start, Setting and Control Panels
Double click the Internet icon and then click Connection tab


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