Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration; Configuring By Web Management; Intranet Setting - Acer 101/201 User Manual

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Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration

After the client computer is well configured, you can use any Java supported browser
or Telnet program to configure the AcerRouter 101/201 series.

4.1 Configuring by Web Management

The Main Menu includes Quick Setup is for quick installation as described in Chapter 3.
The Advanced Menu includes Intranet Setting, Modem1 Setting, Modem2 Setting, Dial-
In Setting, Device Admin, and Status Monitor.

4.1.1 Intranet Setting

Click " Intranet Setting" in the Advanced menu as below.
IP Settings
Check the IP Address and Subnet Mask for the AcerRouter 101/201. If you wish to use
the AcerRouter' s DHCP server function, enable Dynamic IP address and the number
of users. Remember if you have dial-in users, the last two IP addresses are
automatically left for them to avoid overlapping with the dial-out users' IP Addresses.


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