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Liebert GXTTM User Manual

6 & 10 kva 230v.
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UPStation GXT™
6 & 10 kVA


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    UPStation GXT™ 6 & 10 kVA 230V ANUAL English...

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    UPS performance alters in use. Refer all faults to your dealer. 7. Only trained engineers authorised by Liebert should perform troubleshooting. To replace batteries, refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. PROPER DISPOSAL OF BATTERIES IS REQUIRED. REFER TO YOUR LOCAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS FOR DISPOSAL REQUIREMENTS.

  • Page 3

    10. Storing magnetic media on top of the UPS may result in data loss or corruption. Turn the UPS off and isolate the UPS before cleaning. Use only a soft cloth, never liquid or aerosol cleaners. Indicates AC Input Indicates AC Output Indicates Caution: Note the accompanying instruction Indicates the position of a fuse Requests the user to consult the manual for additional...

  • Page 4

    INTRODUCTION AND SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Congratulations on your choice of the UPStation GXT™ Uninterruptible Power System (UPS). It provides conditioned power to microcomputers and other sensitive electronic equipment. Upon generation, AC power is clean and stable. However, during transmission and distribution it may be subject to voltage sags, spikes, or complete power failure, which may interrupt computer operations, cause data loss, or even damage equipment.

  • Page 5

    RECTIFIER/POWER FACTOR CORRECTION (PFC) CIRCUIT In normal operation, the rectifier/power factor correction (PFC) circuit converts mains AC power to regulated DC power for use by the inverter, while ensuring that the wave shape of the input current used by the UPS is near ideal. Extracting this sinewave input current achieves two objectives: the mains power is used as efficiently as possible by the UPS, and the amount of distortion reflected on the mains is reduced.

  • Page 6

    CONTROLS AND INDICATORS UPS ON / Alarm Silence / Manual Battery Test Output OFF / Bypass Fault Indicator (Red) The Fault indicator is illuminated if the UPS has detected a problem. Also, one or more of the load/battery level indicators may be illuminated (refer to Troubleshooting Guide).

  • Page 7

    The UPStation GXT is equipped with automatic and remote battery test features. The automatic test occurs every 14 days if a manual battery test has not been performed or if mains has not been interrupted (14 day timer resets if unit goes to battery).

  • Page 8: Component Diagram

    GXT 6 & 10 kVA Component Diagram 230 & 230X Models Shown Intellislot DB-9 Communications Communications Port Port Output Voltage Selector Switches Input Battery Breaker Breaker Breaker Hardwire Terminal Blocks Intellislot Communications Port Battery Breaker Output DB-9 Communications Port Output Voltage Selector Switches Breakers Input...

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    OPERATING MODES NORMAL MODE OPERATION- UPS mode During normal operation, mains power provides energy to the UPS. The filters, the power factor correction circuit and the inverter process this power to provide computer grade power to connected loads. The UPS maintains the batteries in a fully charged state.

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    BYPASS MODE OPERATION During BYPASS operation, mains power provides energy to your load and maintains the batteries in a fully charged state. The four green LED’s indicate an approximate level of load in 25% increments. If the BYPASS becomes loaded beyond full rating, the fifth (amber) LED indicator will illuminate Bypass Mode Operation at and sound an alarm.

  • Page 11

    Ensure the load equipment is turned off, and all loads are properly connected to the UPS output. Check that the mains wall isolator is ON. Turn On (Close) the Battery circuit breaker, Input The UPS will now automatically start up and default to BYPASS mode once the UPS is connected to an active AC mains supply and the Battery and Input circuit breakers are closed.

  • Page 12

    SWITCHING FROM OUTPUT OFF TO UPS or UPS to BYPASS to OFF 1. If the UPS is in OUTPUT OFF condition, with all rear mounted breakers in the ON position, and the AC input LED and the bottom LED of the BATTERY/LOAD array lit.

  • Page 13

    The information below indicates various symptoms a user may encounter in the event the UPStation GXT develops a problem. Use this information to determine whether external factors cause the problem and how to remedy the situation. 1. The fault indicator will illuminate indicating the UPS detected a problem. 2.

  • Page 14

    AUDIBLE ALARM CONDITIONS CONDITION Battery mode (utility failure) Low battery Output overload (bypass) Over temperature (bypass) DC Bus over voltage (bypass) PFC failure (bypass) Inverter failure Battery Test failure TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM UPS fails to start when on button is pressed Battery indicator is illuminated UPS has reduced...

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    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM Fault and Bypass indicators and all load level LED's are illuminated Fault and Bypass indicators and diagnostic LED A are illuminated Fault and Bypass indicators and diagnostic LED B are illuminated Fault and Bypass indicators and diagnostic LED D are illuminated Fault and Bypass indicators and...

  • Page 16

    Monitoring of the UPS via a computer is as easy as downloading SiteNet® MultiLink™ free from our web site ( A MultiLink cable may also be built by following instructions provided on our web page. You may also purchase a Liebert SiteNet®...

  • Page 17

    MAINTENANCE The UPStation GXT UPS requires very little maintenance. The batteries are valve regulated, non-spillable, lead acid, and should be kept charged to obtain their designed life. The UPS continuously charges the batteries when connected to the mains supply. When storing the UPS for any length of time, it is recommended to apply power to the UPS for at least 24 hours every four to six months to ensure full recharge of the batteries.

  • Page 18

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS These instructions are for use by competent personnel only. INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS Detailed instructions to help you install the UPS are provided in the following pages; however, you should give some consideration to the proposed environment in which the UPS is to be installed, and carry out some preparatory work.

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    AIRFLOW DISSIPATION Watts ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS This UPS must be installed by competent electrical personnel and wired in accordance with local/national electrical codes. The following information is provided for your guidance. HIGH EARTH LEAKAGE CURRENT- EARTH CONNECTION IS ESSENTIAL BEFORE CONNECTING THE MAINS SUPPLY. Earth in accordance with local electrical codes.

  • Page 20

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS The UPS is supplied with an input/output/ battery terminal block assembly on the rear of the UPS within a cable box. (see outline drawing) The cable box can be removed to enable knockouts to be removed or new holes drilled, to secure the cables.

  • Page 21

    Connection of optional remote battery cabinets. Full installation instructions are provided with these cabinets. Safety/EMC certification limits the use of these terminals to Liebert supplied options. Output connections GXT 6000/10000-X models only Models whose part number ends with an “X” are fitted with an isolating output transformer.

  • Page 22

    Stabilisers/Levelling Feet When the UPS is located in its final position before or after wiring, it is necessary to fit stabiliser brackets and, if necessary, adjust the levelling feet. If the UPS is wired using a rigid wiring system, then movement of the UPS must be prevented by winding down the 4 levelling feet under the UPS as shown below.

  • Page 23

    COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACE PORT The UPStation GXT UPS contains a standard DB-9 socket located on the rear of the UPS unit. Several signals are provided on this port and are assigned as follows: ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION Low Battery (open collector) UPS TxD (typical RS-232 levels) UPS RxD (typical RS-232 levels) Remote Shutdown (5-12V);...

  • Page 24

    FERRITE BEAD INSTALLATION When using either of the options below, to reduce the risk of radio interference, fit the ferrite assemblies supplied with the UPS as follows: Serial Communications Attach the smaller enclosed ferrite bead clamp to the communication cable as shown in the drawing using the following directions: Open the ferrite bead.

  • Page 25

    Output Voltage Selector Switches The Output Voltage Selector Switches, located on the rear of the UPS, are designed to allow selecting or changing the desired output voltage to match the mains. The settings to choose from are 208, 220, 230, and 240 VAC output. 230 &...

  • Page 26

    Load % 100% Load % 100% Note: All run times are in minutes, assume fully charged batteries, and are typical at 25 C (77 Battery Run Times 6kVA + (1) 6kVA GXT240VBATT 10kVA 10kVA + (1) GXT240VLRT F) with resistive loads. 6kVA + (2) GXT240VBATT 10kVA + (2)

  • Page 27

    MODEL NUMBER MODEL RATING VA/W (max) DIMENSIONS: mm (in) Unit W x D x H Shipping W x D x H WEIGHT: kg (lbs) Unit Shipping Input/Output Connections INPUT AC PARAMETERS Voltage Range (typical) 100% - 90% Loading 90% - 70% Loading 70% - 30% Loading 30% - 0% Loading Frequency...

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    MODEL NUMBER MODEL RATING VA/W (max) DIMENSIONS: mm (in) Unit W x D x H Shipping W x D x H WEIGHT: kg (lbs) Unit Shipping Input/Output Connections INPUT AC PARAMETERS Voltage Range (typical) 100% - 90% Loading 90% - 70% Loading 70% - 30% Loading 30% - 0% Loading Frequency...

  • Page 29: Limited Warranty

    If the UPS fails to conform with the above warranty within the two year warranty period, Liebert will repair or replace the UPS, at Liebert's option. Repairs or replacements are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. Purchaser, to make a warranty claim, should call to obtain a Returned Goods Authorisation number and shipping instructions.

  • Page 30: Technical Support

    Worldwide Support Worldwide Fax Tech Support The Company Behind The Products With more than 500,000 installations around the globe, Liebert is the world leader in computer protection systems. founding in 1965, Liebert has developed a complete range of support and protection...

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