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Turning The Power On - Yamaha ARIUS YDP-S52 Owner's Manual

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Setting Up

Turning the Power On

Connect the plugs of the AC adaptor in the order shown in
the illustration.
DC plug
Use the specified adaptor (page 33) only. The use of other adaptors may result in irreparable
damage to both the adaptor and the instrument.
Remove the AC plug from the AC outlet when the instrument is not to be used for extended
periods of time, or during electrical storms.
Follow this procedure in reverse order when disconnecting the AC adaptor.
Press the [ ] (Standby/On) switch to turn the power on.
Power indicator
If you close the key cover without turning the power to standby, the power
indicator remains lit, indicating that the power is still on.
When you're ready to turn the power to standby, press the [ ] (Standby/On)
switch again for a second. The power indicator turns off.
Even when the [ ] (Standby/On) switch is in the standby status, electricity is still flowing to the
instrument at a minimum level. When not using the instrument for an extended period of time, be
sure to unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet.
YDP-S52 Owner's Manual
DC IN jack (page 10)
Power cord
AC adaptor
[ ] (Standby/On) switch
Power indicator
AC outlet
AC plug
The shape of the plug and outlet
differ depending on locale.

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