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Connect The Ac Adaptor - Yamaha ARIUS YDP-S52 Owner's Manual

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Keyboard Stand Assembly

Connect the AC adaptor.

Connect one end of the power cord to the
Insert the AC adaptor plug into the DC IN
jack from the rear.
Set the adjuster.
Rotate the adjuster until it comes in firm contact
with the floor surface.
YDP-S52 Owner's Manual
After completing the assembly, please check the
• Are there any parts left over?
 Review the assembly procedure and correct any
• Is this instrument clear of doors and other
movable fixtures?
 Move the instrument to an appropriate location.
• Does this instrument make a rattling noise when
you shake it?
 Tighten all screws.
• Does the pedal box rattle or give way when you
step on the pedals?
 Turn the adjuster so that it is set firmly against the
• Are the pedal cord plug and the adaptor plug
inserted securely into the sockets?
 Check the connection.
• If the main unit creaks or is otherwise unsteady
when you play on the keyboard, refer to the
assembly diagrams and retighten all screws.
• When moving the instrument after assembly, always
hold the bottom of the main unit.
• Do not hold the key cover or top portion. Improper
handling can result in damage to the instrument or
personal injury.
Do not hold here.
Hold here.
If you move to another location, you can transport the
instrument along with other belongings. You can move the
unit as it is (assembled), or you can disassemble the unit
down to the condition it was in when you first took it out of
the box. Transport the keyboard horizontally. Do not lean
it up against a wall or stand it up on its side. Do not subject
the instrument to excessive vibration or shock. When
transporting the assembled instrument, make sure all
screws are properly tightened and have not been loosened
by moving the instrument.

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