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Playing The Piano; Setting The Volume; Intelligent Acoustic Control (Iac) - Yamaha ARIUS YDP-S52 Owner's Manual

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Playing the Piano

Setting the Volume

When you start playing, use the [MASTER VOLUME] knob to adjust the volume of the entire keyboard
Do not use this instrument at a high volume level for a long period of time, or your hearing may be damaged.

Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)

With this function, the sound quality of this instrument is automatically adjusted
and controlled according to the overall volume. Even when the volume is low,
this lets you hear both low sounds and high sounds clearly.
To turn on IAC:
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE],
press the F♯0 key.
To turn off IAC:
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE],
press the F0 key.
To adjust IAC Depth:
While holding down [PIANO/VOICE],
press one of the A-1 – D♯0 keys.
The higher the value, the more clearly that low and high sounds are heard at
lower volume levels.
YDP-S52 Owner's Manual
Level decreases.
Lowest key
Lowest key
A-1: depth -3
Lowest key
Level increases.
Default setting:
D♯0: depth +3
C0: depth 0
(Default setting)
Setting range:
A-1 (-3) – D♯0 (+3)
Default setting:
C0 (0)

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